Monday, 27 July 2009

Europe 2009: Things they don't tell you about travelling abroad.

An interjection before the post on Belgium.


- If you look remotely Asian, you're Japanese.
- You can bring mochi back into Australia. It's fine dayo.



- It's always five o'clock in the afternoon. Always.
- It's fine to walk into a relative's house several times a day without informing them first



- Only Indian tourists wear kilts
- You will not find a real Scot in Edinburgh
- You have to pay to take photos
- Haggis tastes like curry



- If you look remotely European, you can speak French
- There are no English signposts
- Most of the population is formed by Middle Easterns and Africans



- See Belgium (except everything is higher quality)
- Escargot tastes like seafood
- Frog's legs are poultry (i.e. of the chicken family)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Europe 2009, Part 2: England, Scotland, Wales

From the 6th to the 13th, we were in the UK.

Hanging out with the locals ... in my cousin's room.
So far, I've been to Chester, on the border of Wales; Edinburgh in Scotland; strawberry/raspberry/taeberry picking, woken by church bells at five in the morning; and generally causing mayhem with Beelzenef.

Here is Beelzenef and Tom, and Benji, who are my Uncle's pets.

Beelzenef and my cousin terrifying her boyfriend.


Berry picking usually results in red fingers... But Beelzenef wanted to try some too.

Let's play 'Spot Beelzenef'!

I wasn't exactly in Wales per se, but it was close enough. I've been in Wales before anyhow. This is Chester, an old Roman town.

Beelzenef attempting to access a secret hatch in a ceiling



This was a fun place... a bit expensive, and containing the strangeness that most major cities do, but nice. I got a tam o'shanter and tried haggis, which was actually quite tasty. (Check this recipe if you feel brave:

Beelzenef is quite at home...

It's hard to find a real Scotsman in Edinburgh:

Beelzenef, awesome in Celtic sunnies:

Here's Toby, my cousin's dog, wearing the Loch Ness hat she brought back from Scotland...

And the family:

At a pretty pretty park:

Next post: on to Belgium.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Europe 2009, Part 1: Tokyo Stopover

Australia - Japan - UK -  Belgium - France - Japan - Australia

We stopped over in Narita, Japan, for the night, as we were flying JAL.

Early morning, Sydney airport.

My best friend's Beelzenef puppet decided to come along for the ride.

Here he is having breakfast.

Checking the flight:

And then realised he'd forgotten his passport... people puppet smuggling!

Finally, Narita Airport.

Lots of Hello KittySome pretty mochi:Here's the view from the hotel room... And a karaoke place.

Fast food dessert from the supermarket.

Fake food.

Next post: London
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