Saturday, 22 August 2009

Europe 2009, Part 4: France

So, I was in France from... I can't even remember anymore it was so long ago.

And being in France, of course, we had to try the local cuisine:


Frog's Legs (which is a type of poultry, apparently)

Seriously, how is this soup????

This is Notre Dame:

Inside Notre Dame:

A pretty Parisian street

It's all about the motortrike around here.

A street artist, by the Seine.

The only restaurant we found that sold both escargot and frogs legs.

Arc de Triumphe

The Louvre Pyramid (no, did not see suspicious albino people in cloaks walking around)

And, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

And on the plane back home, Beelzenef was up to his usual tricks.
Here he is with the remains of one of the passengers a rice cracker.

And there ends Europe 2009.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Europe 2009, Part 3: Belgium

15th-18th July

Belgium (well, to be precise, Brussels) reminds me more of Athens than anywhere else.

We were in a decidedly dodgy area - lots of people in the street, mostly drunk, or homeless, or sitting in the gutter for no apparent reason.

So... check out the shopping baskets... trolleys... things...

The Park of Twenty-Four statues.

There were a lot of these pictures around:

Beelzenef and waffles. Win.
Those waffles were freaking sweet :-=

Mum v Beelzenef, on the train to Paris. Who will win...?
(I'm betting my mother will.)
Next post: Paris.

Note: Strangely, Belgium chocolate is more expensive in Belgium than in Australia. Also, the Zuidstation (Central Station, I believe) is one of the worst places to be. It's filled with people, therefore making getting lost a piece of cake... and I almost did D:
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