Tuesday, 12 January 2010

China 2010, Part 1: Hong Kong

For those unaware, I am currently in a suburb of Hong Kong known as 沙田 (Shatin), experiencing all that is Asian and looking for other interesting things along the way.

The most surprising thing would have to be how environmentally conscious the place is. Many big department stores charge for plastic bags; smaller shops prefer to fit your purchases into any bags you already have.


is apparently a sign regarding clothing recycling. I say apparently because my ability to read Chinese is still pretty non-existent. There were also some amusing signs with several young people in attractive poses carrying brooms and encouraging Hong Kongers to keep the city clean :)

The taxis and buses have 'eco' signs inside them (again, my dodgy ability to read is my downfall), and there are far more people who take public transport or walk.

The reasons for this aren't really related to a desire to be environmentally friendly; there simply isn't any room, and people live so close to shops (with really great public transport) so there's no need for a car.

Today, we were approached by people seeking money to neuter stray dogs and cats. How interesting. And I saw a number of WWF workers lurking about too.

There are gashapon, manga and anime everywhere. The newspaper sellers on the side of the street are currently stocking the latest One Piece (whatever it's up to) which infuriates me because of all manga, One Piece is the hardest to read in a language other than English. I have two volumes, one in Japanese, one in Chinese, and whilst my Japanese reading ability is somewhat better, and furigana is provided, I still don't really have a clue what it says.

And I say everywhere because I noticed several buses sporting an advertisement for some kind of MMORPG.

Finally, my uncle is a troll. And his goldfish are like sweet potatoes.

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