Friday, 29 January 2010

China 2010, Part 2: Beijing

Oh. Wow.

China was not what I was expecting. Neither were my relatives.

Point in case: my great-aunt (not blood-related) received a present of meat. Which is pretty normal, but when you consider that the meat had once been some sort of animal you are not supposed to eat, maybe not.

Another example: I had happily drunk some chicken soup (which is also normal) and found out two hours later that the chicken in question was a 'mountain chicken' which might actually be this as my mother informed me it was certainly a protected species. I note that he didn't actually know either until after we had eaten.

Beijing is pretty polluted for the 'cleanest city in China', which means you get beautiful red sunsets, although the snow is black instead of white. And there was snow, because China is freezing at the moment. The temperature at its lowest was minus twelve, plus a ridiculous wind-chill factor which meant that the spit which everyone insists on projecting on the footpath actually freezes so it isn't so bad.

Returning to food, I finally got to try deep-fried grasshopper (pretty good) and caterpillar (a bit powdery) kebabs, whilst avoiding the deep-fried seahorses. Entering China is like falling through a wormhole and ending up in another dimension - seahorses are a protected species and yet they were merrily being sold on the streets as snacks.

But what happens in China stays in China. All I can say is, I'm glad to be back in Hong Kong.


  1. Oh dear! I hope you didn't bring anything back with you... I don't want to see your face on the next episode of Customs! :P

  2. Apparently they were filming the day we got back to Sydney... D:


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