Sunday, 9 May 2010

Events: Finders Keepers Market


Finders Keepers is an awesome event. The markets were held from 7-8 May at Carriageworks, an exhibition centre in Eveleigh, Sydney.

The sheer amount of stuff there, and the originality, was pretty amazing.

I also note that the thing I was most surprised about was the number of men there. Popular green culture, from what I've seen, targets women as consumers. But there were heaps of guys too, and lots of young families, I found. Gave the place a nice vibe. :)

Companies whose products I found interesting:
*White Square:
*Natalie McWilliam: - Interesting jewellery...
*eight sparrows:
*a skulk of foxes:
*Agent Indigo:
*liana kabel:
*Schmooks: - beautiful artwork, got four.
*herbert & friends: - really cute plushies!
*Leeloo: - I got a necklace from them, a scrabble tile decoupaged with a scene from 'Where the Wild Things Are'
*The Strutt Sisters: - reversible necklaces and double stud earrings anyone?
*Blueberry Paper: - stationery
*Pigeonhole: - Male/Female fashion

Did anyone know there was another climate change summit (in Bolivia)? To be honest, I only found out from the Green Left, which I grabbed a copy of as I was leaving Finder Keepers. It's a pretty interesting read, but I hadn't heard of them before either.

Apparently, the conference was attended by delegates from Global South (developing) countries. It is also interesting to note that at the time of my search, the top two google entries on the summit were from the Green Left Newspaper, and the third was Al Jazeera.


There's also more info here:

And to finish off, an interesting form of artwork, photographed on the way to Carriageworks, plus the 'Skipping Girls' and some mushrooms from the exhibition hall.

Finally, I've been vegetarian for over a week now and everything seems fine. So far. (Why do I have to make that sound so ominous?)
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