Sunday, 7 August 2011

Events: Organic Expo and Green Show 2011

So I went to the Organic Expo and Green Show today, and the best thing about it was the free plants. Okay, maybe learning how to cook crab from Kylie Kwong was pretty awesome too, but the shameless plugs threw me for a loop or two.

But on the plus side, I know how to steam a fish now, and how to make home-made black bean and chilli sauce. I can move out of home now! Oh wait, no paid job, that's right.

The Expo was... pretty commercial, to say the least. I was looking forward to DIY workshops, skill-sharing, etc. but it was all about organic food companies advertising themselves.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Personal musings: Upcycling and DIY

Life has conspired to guilt me into making a new post. I have been seized with an urge to make things (and so far, I actually have :O) and after scouring the internetz for projects/ideas/tips, I thought I might write something about it. Maybe.


So first off, I've been 編みぐるみ-ing (amigurumi-ing) happily away, making little useless but cute things for friends. First it was どーも くん (Domo-kun ), now I've almost finished a collie dog. It just needs eyes ...

I had seen 編みぐるみ books before (my mother bought a dog 編みぐるみ book from Kinokuniya recently) but my real interest only came about when I saw Nerdigurumi's site. With so many free patterns, including the どーも くん one, I just had to learn.

Here is どーも くん, about to be eaten by my cat Jordan. Apologies for the miniscule picture.

So when I came across this:

Well ...

One day, I will have one of these. Just you wait.

But for now, I'm having a go at crocheting a bright yellow Speedy Cat tie. No one will want to stand next to me :3


To the best of my knowledge, this means taking something old and making it look better? Yes?

Anyway, I like doing that with my mother's old clothing. And I'm currently painting the bottom of my work shoes red. Why? I dunno, but I like it.


I'm currently saving up ポッキー (Pocky) wrappers to make a wallet. Watch this space.

Also, there are a ridiculous number of old jeans around my house which are to be thrown away/donated. But never phear, there is help: Cut Out and Keep has a billion projects on what to do with old jeans, so I'm set for a few years.

So. There'll be posts of random objects I have created. The next one will probably be of the collie dog for Vale, but no promises.
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