Sunday, 24 July 2011

Personal musings: Upcycling and DIY

Life has conspired to guilt me into making a new post. I have been seized with an urge to make things (and so far, I actually have :O) and after scouring the internetz for projects/ideas/tips, I thought I might write something about it. Maybe.


So first off, I've been 編みぐるみ-ing (amigurumi-ing) happily away, making little useless but cute things for friends. First it was どーも くん (Domo-kun ), now I've almost finished a collie dog. It just needs eyes ...

I had seen 編みぐるみ books before (my mother bought a dog 編みぐるみ book from Kinokuniya recently) but my real interest only came about when I saw Nerdigurumi's site. With so many free patterns, including the どーも くん one, I just had to learn.

Here is どーも くん, about to be eaten by my cat Jordan. Apologies for the miniscule picture.

So when I came across this:

Well ...

One day, I will have one of these. Just you wait.

But for now, I'm having a go at crocheting a bright yellow Speedy Cat tie. No one will want to stand next to me :3


To the best of my knowledge, this means taking something old and making it look better? Yes?

Anyway, I like doing that with my mother's old clothing. And I'm currently painting the bottom of my work shoes red. Why? I dunno, but I like it.


I'm currently saving up ポッキー (Pocky) wrappers to make a wallet. Watch this space.

Also, there are a ridiculous number of old jeans around my house which are to be thrown away/donated. But never phear, there is help: Cut Out and Keep has a billion projects on what to do with old jeans, so I'm set for a few years.

So. There'll be posts of random objects I have created. The next one will probably be of the collie dog for Vale, but no promises.
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