Saturday, 28 December 2013

Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Ice goth

The full Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion can be found here.

Also known as
White goth, negative goth

Defining colours
  • White
  • Very very pale colours


Ice goth is a subgenre of goth with a significant focus on the colour white, hence the name. Ice goths tend to be more inclined towards romantic goth than any other style, probably due to the origins of ice goth. The style is believed to have originated in the early days of goth, when young goth women on a budget would wear their mothers' old wedding dresses. This is not to say that all ice goths are romantic goths. Here, for example, is an outfit and makeup tutorial for ice goth in Lolita style:

Ice goth stands out in a style tribe that prizes black. It can be an extremely striking style. As Amy Asphodel points out, ice goth can be particularly impressive when worn by goths of colour, as the white makeup and clothing creates a sharper contrast.

Accent colours such as red or black can be used for makeup or accessories.

Style icons
Top of the list would be Emilie Autumn. Emilie's outfits are regularly all white with striking red accents, although she appears in pink and white on her latest album cover. Her style can be described as Industrial Neo-Victorian.

Inspiration in popular culture
It could be argued that the White Queen from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has an ice goth fashion style. She wears all white with accents of red on her nails and lips. Her gown really suggests 'ice' with tiny glass beads sewn all over it, and sleeves of sheer material. Her strongly marked brows bring a darker feel to the outfit.

Further reading and resources

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Xmas

Christmas colours!

Hey kits. Happy Christmas to everyone reading this.

People go on about how magical a time of year it is and whatnot, and I agree it's important, but for other reasons:

Without a sense of renewal, life just keeps going and going. Christmas is part of a ritual that makes us feel that something is being renewed (despite the fact that years are a human construct, and new year doesn't mean a damned thing to the greater scheme of things).

Without it his day, there is no sense of preparing to let out that breath you've been holding all year. No preparation to do better the 'next round'. Christmas is a milestone.

For those people who say they hate Christmas, think about that. Is it because of the commercialisation of the holiday? Bring it down to its bare bones: the celebration of renewal - and maybe you'll like it more.

The best Christmas song ever. Not just because it's sung by Tim Minchin.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas wishlist † tartan, NANA, Gothic and Lolita Psycho

My Christmas wishlist... How materialistic. -_-

In all seriousness, though, these are things I've been wanting for a long time (in some cases more than 3 years).  Maybe I won't get them any time, soon, but one day, one day...

1. The complete NANA manga series
This is my favourite series of manga. It was briefly replaced by another of Yazawa Ai's works, Gokinjo Monogatari, but only very briefly. I have several of the volumes already, but I'd love to get the rest of the ones available.

2. The complete Tokyo Crazy Paradise manga series
This is my other favourite. The manga is unfortunately only available in Japanese, but I don't mind. ^_^

3. A tartan dress
I saw a cosplayer rocking one recently and fell in love :D
4. A Nintendo DS. And then all of the Ace Attorneys games.

5. Goth/Horror movies: Gothic and Lolita Psycho, The Grudge, Gypsy 83, My Summer as a Goth

6. And other shows/movies: Adventure Time, Daria, The Last Unicorn, Serendipity, Gokinjo Monogatari

I'm sure I could keep adding to this list, but these are the first things I can think of. Who else has a wishlist?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Things I want to make † bloomers, scarves, skirts

I love to DIY and craft, but I have rarely had the time... UNTIL NOW

Now that I have finished university, I'm turning my attention to a bunch of projects I have started but not finished, as well as some projects I've wanted to start, but never got around to.

I'm in the process of making a rainbow patchwork skirt. I've unfortunately cut all the squares too small, so I have to come up with some way of bulking it up, or I'll have to cut a tonne more squares :/ I'm also in the process of turning a pair of jeans into a maxi skirt, and the result is... unusual...

I have wanted a ridiculously long black and white striped scarf since forever. And I've been knitting one since forever too...

Something like this? Source
I'm also in the process of making one of these:
I'm up to yellow. Source
But holy hell, I have so many wants.
Guitar/Uke straps
Similar to scarves, I'd love to crochet/knit some guitar or uke straps. And my designs for those? Longcat, Tacgnol or Speedycat.

I'm kind of interested in making bloomers, but I'm not sure if I'd wear them. They're cute, but I'd probably only use them as pyjamas or under skirts, and I feel that would be a waste.

I have a plush owl which I have disemboweled a la Kazlovesbats, but not gone much further (although I think I've sewn a lining into it...)
I also want to have a go at making one of these owl bags:
I've seen them being sold in the local shopping centre. They look pretty easy to make... once you know what the hell you're doing.

I'd like a clutch as well. I've seen some black clutches in the second-hand shops, but they all have gold detailing, and I'm more of a silver girl.

I also want to make some collage clutches (they're so easy). And Cut Out and Keep has a ridiculous number of tutorials for amazing bags.

I mean, look at this. Source
I could probably keep going, but I think I'll stop there (otherwise I'll never be finished). Anybody else have projects for the holidays?

Saturday, 7 December 2013

How to goth in hot weather † outfit ideas, accessories

Down south, the weather is getting warmer and gothing becomes more difficult. The sun is not kind to black things.

That said, there are plenty of ways to get around this problem. Goths in Hot Weather has some great outfits (although still not always practical for 30+ degrees Celsius) and Color Me Goth wrote a good article on it. Kazlovesbats has video on youtube, The Lady of the Manners wrote on it and of course, there's a post in the Ultimate Goth Guide/Stripy Tights and Dark Delights.

Okay, so we've gone through this already. What have I got to add?

Well, let's go through what we've learnt.

Colour me goth
  1. Wear less black
  2. Avoid 'hot' fabrics
  3. Limit your fishnets
  4. Tie up or cut off long hair
  5. Wear lighter boots
  1. Use parasols/umbrellas
  2. Layer less
  3. Replace non-breathable fabric with fishnet, lace, etc fabrics
  4. Wear spaghetti strap tops/dresses
  5. Wear shorter skirts
The Lady of the Manners
  1. Sunscreen/block
  2. Water
  3. Avoid pvc and polyester
  4. Wear cotton, rayon, linen or silk
  5. Wear bloomers
  6. Avoid boots, wear converse or sandals instead
  7. Wear wide-brimmed hats
  8. Wear less makeup, or waterproof makeup
Stripy Tights and Dark Delights
  1. Wear mesh
  2. Cover tattoos
  3. Go ice goth/ghost goth
  4. Avoid wigs
  5. Use fans and sunglasses
Together, they've given us some great tips for summer. There are only a few things I want to add.

Accessories are a great way to goth up an outfit which is otherwise very pared back. Keep in mind though, dog collars and broad cuffs will be very uncomfortable in the heat. Also, you may discover metal allergies (in hot weather, I get rashes from nickel/steel jewellery and belt buckles), so keep on hand some antiseptic cream or calamine lotion or something. Further, metal can get very hot in the sun. String, leather or plastic is a better bet.

If you don't want to wear less makeup, or you can't find waterproof makeup (unlikely...), use primer. It'll stop you from looking like a panda.

Be comfortable
In very hot weather, things can get irritating quickly. Wear comfortable clothing. Preferably something practical.

Thin your hair
So maybe you don't want to tie up your lovely long hair, or cut it off, for that matter... try thinning it. Although my hair is very short, it is quite thick, so I regularly grab the thinning shears and chop merrily at it with no particular skill. If you don't have thinning shears, just ask your hairdresser to do it.

Carry tissues, anti-perspirant and a bottle of water when you're out and about. Reduce sugar and salt intake.

Keep all these tips in mind and you should be able to get through hot weather safely.

Can anyone think of more tips?

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Shopping the wardrobe † Staying goth on a budget, yup it's another one of those posts

So after FINALLY finishing my university degree, I've been thinking more and more about jobs, and my lack of one.

This inevitably leads to thoughts about lack of money. I admit, I like to shop, although I don't think I'm a shopping addict. Nonetheless, I would like to decrease my shopping, as I really don't need any more clothes, or things, for that matter.

Many bloggers have discussed gothing on a budget. Sary Walrus' blog post is probably the one that set me off writing this, but I've also noticed this subject in pretty much all of Bane's posts, this post by Lizzie (which is actually about Gyaru, but anyway...) and this one by Juliet's Lace.

So as a raging leftie who rallies against consumerism jobless waif, I feel I should join in. But I'm going to make it a challenge to myself :)

So for each day of the month, I will seek to create a particular type of outfit, using only the clothing in my cupboard. It's shouldn't be hard, and will prove to me that I can look awesome without buying more stuff, geez.

Okay, here goes:
  1. Wear a dress
  2. Don't wear a t-shirt
  3. Wear an outfit with no black (this is going to be hard D:)
  4. Wear jeans
  5. Wear a skirt
  6. Go cat-themed
  7. Wear a t-shirt
  8. Wear a pair of stockings which have not been worn/for a long time
  9. Dress like a cartoon/anime character (nothing too outlandish)
  10. Wear boots
  11. Wear something that hasn't been worn for a long time
  12. Wear a scarf
  13. Wear a hat
  14. Wear all second-hand
  15. Wear leggings
  16. Wear Vans (because I don't wear them enough. They just sit in my cupboard :/)
  17. Go OTT goth
  18. Wear stripes
  19. Wear gloves
  20. Wear a tank/camisole
  21. Go casual goth loli
  22. Wear pleather
  23. Wear a black dress
  24. Go hipster :P
  25. Wear something distinctly Asian (come on, admit it, Asian clothing is pretty interesting)
  26. Wear a single colour outfit that isn't black (this is going to be REALLY hard)
  27. Wear something I've made/DIYed myself
  28. Wear a waistcoat
  29. Wear a statement belt
  30. Wear something someone gave me
  31. Dress like a hippie :)
Okay, well, I may not do each individual thing every month, but I will try to follow one of these every day. How many months can I hold out for? 

Other things I'll have to do:
  • Think: Do I need this?
  • Think: Seriously, do I need this?
  • Think: How much does this cost? Is it worth it? (Unfortunately I usually buy my clothing second hand so it's usually cheap :( )
  • DIY: Make it myself
  • Do something else to fill my time
Does anyone else have any other tips on how to stop spending on clothing/shop a wardrobe?

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Alternative fitness ideas † Bat Fit, Zombies, Run!, How to survive a horror movie

My fitness fluctuates. In very busy periods, particularly when I'm stressed, I really don't want to exercise. Whilst I am happy with my weight, I am not so content with my fitness. So I'm always looking for ways to get myself out of my dark mood and into a different kind of dark mood: goth-flavoured workouts.

I have heard of The Professor's 'Bat Fit Challenge' before, but not really considered it much. I'm really into physical exercise like running and dancing, and as far as I can tell, Bat Fit is very much about keeping an eye on what you eat and gentler exercise like walking or yoga. Is there anyone doing Bat Fit who can provide more details?

A site I really like is Nerd Fitness. It's a really fun website which uses analogies from pop culture (like How to Build a Batcave for Habit Change). Recently, a workout was posted there called How to Survive If You Find Yourself Stuck in a Horror Film. It's written in the manner of a 'survival guide' and is a really fun way of making sure you're exercising right.


Something else I like to use is the Zombies, Run! Basically its an app which monitors how far and how fast you run, whilst encouraging you to do so by convincing you you're chased by zombies. I have a version called Zombies, Run 5k, which trains you to do a 5km run by the end of 7 weeks. Connect it to your GPS, and follow audio prompts. It's something like an RPG - you are air-dropped near a town called Abel, which is surrounded by zombie swarms. You have to pick up items and get to safety. Communicators from the town guide you, telling you to walk or run for certain periods of time.

Does anyone have other 'gothic' ways they like to get fit? Chasing cats? Lifting pumpkins?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

iPod shuffle function † Nine Inch Nails, Gorillaz, Hania Lee

I'm still flat out with exams at the moment, so I thought I'd do a real quick post to show some of what's on my iPod.

1. Kiss Me Good-Bye - Uematsu Nobuo 
2. White Flag ft. Bashy and Kano - Gorillaz
3. Rambler Song - Shellac
4. I Won't Say (I'm in Love) - Susan Egan (Disney! The feels, ^_^;)
5. I Don't Know You Anymore - Savage Garden (had a massive tween crush on these guys, as many Aussie girls did :P)
6. See the Sun - Dido
7. The Only Time - Nine Inch Nails
8. Hollywood - Art vs Science (I don't rally like their music much. Maybe only this song is tolerable)
9. Ruiner - Nine inch Nails
10. Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
11. Solitude - Hania Lee (I like her music. And it's freeeeee)
12. Fragile Things - Thor Kell (This is a tribute piece to the Neil Gaiman anthology of the same name)
13. Prove Yourself - Radiohead
14. Mot Minh - Thuy Chi
15. Slide - Goo Goo Dolls
16. Tonight, Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins
17. How to Be Dead - Snow Patrol
18. Karate - Paper Tiger
19. Wait - Pompeya
20. It Must Have Been Love - Roxette (haha -_-;)

Well, there's a snapshot. I'm kind of surprised that my guilty secret (ALL the Hamasaki Ayumi songs) did not appear at least once. That said I expect on another day, if I tried this same exercise, it would be full of Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese music. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

I would like you to meet my cat

So I've probably mentioned my cat a few times, but I've never posted a photo here, I believe, so here you are:

Watching birds...
He's a 10 year old blue Burmese, and I've had him for about... 7 years, I think. He's also very friendly and affectionate, and even people that don't like cats generally get along with him.

Someone drew this for me :)

He's very silly- he sometime misses window ledges or get stuck in places. But, of course, he's wonderful and I hope he lives for many more years :3

His favourite place to sleep until we stopped ironing things...

Monday, 4 November 2013

Massive Halloween post † Jurassic Lounge, cheap Halloween items, plans for next year

Hey kits! I apologise for missing only the BIGGEST EVENT OF THE GOTHIC YEAR D:

I've been busy with university work, so I haven't been able to post my Halloween adventures here... until now.

First, yes I've changed my blog around again. I'm feeling pretty happy with it this time though, so this is likely to stick around for longer, although I might change the notepaper image slightly - I don't like the blue tinge it has.

And now on to the interesting stuff!

In the lead up to Halloween, Daiso had some Halloween items for sale. Not many, I'm afraid, but checking out their usual range, I came across a bunch of other Gothy cute goods. (Hint: if you like black cats, you'll like Daiso)

Bad quality pic of photo albums

Something a little punk

For the deco-ers out there

Black cats

More black cats

Great range of stockings. For a while, they only had footless, but they've remedied that

For a Halloween lolita?

And more black cats

And even more black cats

Anyone still fascinated with these or is it just me...?

A business card holder. I have one of these

Stickers! I love this set and have stuck them over everything

Note books. Black and pink seems to be a theme here...

One of my Daiso hauls. Guess what? I see another two black cat products there :P

The local bargain shop had more specifically Halloween goods to offer. I've bought so much jewellery from there :3
These nails need some modifying, but I love the designs

I also have some bat earrings and a skeleton hand pendant

Ack, it's one of those creepy changing portraits

Thumb >_<; I was tempted by the spider ring

On the Tuesday before Halloween, I hit Jurassic Lounge (which I mentioned in my previous post) with two friends.

I went as a witch, since I forgot my vampire teeth T,.....,T

The place was heaving with witches, vampires, Adventure Time characters, La Catrinas, and other strange looking creatures.

There was a craft area, to make eyeballs out of pingpong balls, decorate plastic pumpkins, and make your own tracing paper lantern.

One of the eyeballs (the other looks like the Eye of Sauron) and a smiley little pumpkin

There was also an artists' area, with painters at work on giant canvases, a polaroid photo booth, a fortune teller and a mini market.

Some of the lanterns were amazing :D

Here's mine (I admit I traced it. I wasn't feeling very artsy that night)

A cute pumpkin sitting on the cafeteria table. The candle had burnt down by the time we arrived though :/

For next year, I want to host a Halloween party myself. It has to have a pinata(!) and vampiric cocktails or punch.

How was your Halloween? Anything you didn't get to do this year that you're planning on for next year?

Friday, 18 October 2013

Why don't mori girls macrame?

 No seriously, why don't they?

Macrame is a craft which involves using many different types of knots to make a wall hanging. Popular subjects include owls-

Plant hangers -

And bags-

Macrame was particularly popular during the hippie era, for its natural quality. Wall hangings, like the owls, utilised sticks gathered from forests or countryside.

Surely this caters to the mori girl aesthetic (the owls would work well with dark mori girl). Yet I haven't seen this catch on. Perhaps it is too difficult or time consuming... Yet it was popular for a while, years ago.

I think I'd like to see a revival, particularly with the owls. :)

Are there any other crafts/activities that you have always felt a particular 'style tribe' should be engaged with, but aren't?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Halloween in Sydney: Dates for the Calendar † Scare Fair, Halloween Parties and Jurassic Lounge

So with Halloween coming up, there's a few interesting events happening in Sydney (sorry kittens elsewhere in the world, I'm not sure what's happening around your area...)

If you're in Sydney any time over the next few weeks, I've rounded up a few places you can sink your fangs into.

26th October
Trick or Treat: Halloween Cruise

29th October
Jurassic Lounge: Halloween Night*

30th October
Halloween Dinner (You may have to be a TAFE student)

31st October
NDFC Scare Fair*
UWS Connect Halloween Party (You may have to be a UWS student)
UBar Halloween Party (You may have to be a MQU student)
Music for Halloween from the Australian Quartet
Lady Killers: The All-Girl Halloween Spectacular
Halloween Skywalk
Jesse Willesee's Haunted Hotel


Jurassic Lounge: Halloween Night
I highly recommend this event: held at the Australian Museum, there will be specimen preparations, a band and deep-ocean creature talks. I recommend this event because 1) Jurassic Lounge is pretty awesome, and 2) it's closing down! This is the last season, so you have to experience it before it goes :(

NDFC Scare Fair
Macquarie University's Natural Disaster Fundraising Community is running a Scare Fair on the night of Halloween. You don't have to be an MQU student to join in, and all proceeds go to disaster relief efforts :) There's a maze and movies :)

I'm thinking of going to the Jurassic Lounge event, perhaps as the Flame Princess. I have another party I've been invited to, and part of me feels I should again dress as a character... but why pass up the opportunity to dress full-blown goth? I'm thinking corset, slitted maxi-skirt and knee-high stompers :3

Who's got a Halloween party lined up?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Hostility in the alternative scene † online bullying, what's the deal with Felice Fawn?

I met up with a friend today, an old friend from school who was always a bit wild and I admired for that. She had just come back from overseas, but, now that I think of it, we didn't talk about that.

Instead, we talked about school. I was never really aware of exactly how bad it was, because I wasn't really in any of her classes, but there was a very definite and sustained 'campaign' (is the only word for it) against her.

Leaving school and entering university, she told me how surprised she was that people actually like her and *gasp* guys actually thought she was sexy. A lot of guys.

The more I listened, the more it appeared to me that there was one motivating factor behind what had happened to her - jealousy. Several girls were installing in people's heads that my friend was 'weird' and god forbid you hang out with someone 'weird' in school.

Considering how popular she is (particularly with guys) right now, I feel like there was a great deal of jealousy at play. Girls would accuse her of dancing 'like a slut', and with others telling her that she was being judgmental, she felt it was her fault, or that she was imagining it.

It's a hard thing to listen to one of the most important people in your life telling you things like this. Whilst I knew she didn't always get along with other people in our grad, I wasn't aware of the depth.

So when I was trawling through I Love Goth Girls, looking at outfits, and came across a picture of Felice Fawn (who I believe is an occasional model?), I vaguely remembered that she had some kind of campaign against her. So I went looking.

Here she is.

I found The Truth About Felice Fawn, which is unfortunately a tumblr site so it is difficult to find a sustained, logical argument that Felice is not a nice person (essentially). However, one thing I can say, whether Felice is a good person or not, is that the tone of this tumblr is incredibly bitchy. It is also one of many sites.

Maybe I'm too zen for my own good, but hey... that's not cool. Whether or not someone else is a cow does not also entitle you to be a cow. And I thought back to my friend and what she faced. Whether you agree or disagree with the way she dances or experiments or whatever, or whether you're jealous because you kinda want to be like her... it's a small person that acts pettily on those feelings.

Obviously this isn't limited to the alternative scene. But I think it's kind of sad that 'alternative' people, who are often themselves ostracised/bullied/alienated, should engage in this sort of thing. No matter who is doing the harassment or is being harassed, it's not okay.

I honestly prefer reading Felice's tumblr. At least it's calm and somewhat funny. Maybe the accusations against her are true IDK, but I'm not interested in reading bitchy rants (unless they're ironic. Like this guy's).

No doubt if any Felice hater catches wind of this post, my comments page will be flooded with comments like these:

Oh well. Some people never learn. But this sort of thing can lead to this sort of thing. And if you say 'so what, she deserves it' how can you even call yourself human?

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