Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fashion inspirations: Nymphadora Tonks † pink hair, punk

After Red and Black Week wore off, I began thinking about what sorts of posts I usually love reading on other people's blogs. So I have to admit, I'm a fashion tragic, and I collect pictures on my iPad of outfits I really like. Every morning before I roll out of bed, I consult my trusty gallery and ask 'What shall I wear today?'

So let's start with the first picture I have:

Nymphadora Tonks


I wouldn't mind having pink hair. However, my boyfriend, who is usually very tolerant, put his foot down at me dying my hair as I 'have Asian hair so it'll eventually turn orange, no matter what colour you dye it'. When I suggested I just dye it orange he gave me this look... (¬_¬)

I find Tonks is such a bright, fierce character that people do some amazing fanart of her. As such, I have several of her pictures in my inspiration gallery.


And this

Source (The full picture is amazing)

Buckles, rips, chokers, short hair and lots of piercings? Sounds good to me.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Red and Black Week Day 5: Who's that!?

And so, for today's post...


Um, not really. I kind of wanted to show off my rings, but my camera battery is flat and all I could use was my iPad...

So, what am I wearing?

Well, on my smallest finger, I have a tiny silver(coloured) ring I found half buried in the grass on campus. It has a pair of misshapen hearts.

On my next finger is a beaded red and bronze ring I bought from a night market on Copacabana Beach in Rio. They sell many good things in Rio night markets.

The silver (actual silver this time) ring on my middle finger has a traditional 'meander' pattern. I bought this somewhere in Greece, although I can't remember exactly where...

The darker ring is a bunny face which reminds me of Frank from Donnie Darko, or the Black Rabbit of Inlé from Watership Down. I got it from Diva (click for a better picture) for about 2 bucks :3

My next finger has a silver ring from Tree of Life, featuring a two ended dragon. This is the first ring I ever bought *nostalgia*

On my thumb is another ring from Diva: a wrap around ring with a moon and a star on either end.

Oh, and I'm wearing a giant oversized red and black striped jumper, and a ring covered in runes on a chain ^_^

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Red and Black Week Day 4: Cuddly friends

For today's photo, I gathered some of the red and black cuddlies around my room and gathered them on my red and black and white bedspread:

The character on the right is some sort of exasperated demon. He used to have a string with a suction cup attached to it, to hang him from a window, but in my experience, those things are useless so I cut it off.

The red beanie baby was something I picked up second hand (but that is my star sign). At some point, I gutted her, turned her into a bag and sewed that bow with a tiny orange jack-o-lantern to her ear. I had actually forgotten she was a bag until I took this photo - looking inside, I found my sour peach lip balm and my black lipstick, two of my favourite things, which I had given up as lost forever

The remaining two are very interesting things known as GIANTmicrobes. The premise of these is great - make microbes into cute cuddly things and stick a tag on them filled with information, so people learn all about them!

I have about seven of these. The ones here are Mad Cow disease (the spotty long one) which each apparently have a unique pattern, and HIV (black with a red ribbon). I also have the common cold, a red blood cell and a white blood cell, influenza, and herpes.

(Another thing I love about them is that they can change an ordinary statement about toys into something a bit awkward... - "I've got chlamydia!" "Do you now....")

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Red and Black Week (or Looking Back) Day 3: Red, Black and White Dream

Today I've decided to put up a picture I drew 3 years ago. Unfortunately, the scan ate it.

It's a picture of Dream aka Morpheus aka The Sandman aka all the other names he's been called. He's the creation of Neil Gaiman, my most favouritist author in all the universe (◕0◕)

And I can't draw feet. Pretend he's wearing socks.

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Red and Black Week (or Looking Back) Day 2: Stripey Armwarmers

So here is the photo for Day 2:


I vaguely remember that this night involved pizza. We were just running around in the dark like the just-freed-from-high-school delinquents we were.

I'm wearing a magic comb embellished with shiny red beads. At this stage, I had been so traumatised by the short haircut I had received a year earlier that I was growing it out again in the mistaken belief that I looked better with long hair. Now I have a wonderful short haircut which I trim myself.

The grey shirt, if I remember right, was bought in Hong Kong 香港 and had a velvet poodle stuck to it, embellished with those shiny diamante things which fall off with every wash. I always wished it was a velvet cat...

I'm also wearing that red tartan skirt from the Day 1 photo - you can see it much more clearly here. My black, red and white stripey armwarmers were once knee-high socks, but I recognised early on that I look better in thigh highs than knee highs.

My boots, unfortunately, are brown, and although I loved the design, I would have much preferred black. My mother, in her wisdom, and holding the purse strings, refused to buy me boots unless they were NOT BLACK so I had to give in. (It's okay, I now have a pair of black boots. Several.)

The bag was from Kipling, and featured their ubiquitous monkey/gorilla keyring in bright red. Of course, one day my mother decided backpack-type bags were too childish and encouraged me to get rid of it somehow (I donated it). Regretted that move - it was a good bag.

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!

Red and Black Week (or Looking Back) Day 1: Nana Cosplay

This week is Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week.

I have chosen to look back on some old photos, and explain a little about myself.

Here is today's photo:

Excuse me for chopping my own head off. This was not a very flattering photo.

So this photo was taken as a 'muck up' photo, during the photo session of my final year in high school. My high school allowed us to dress up for a short period of time and allow us to take silly pictures (and in fact, for the school photographer to take a picture of all of us dressed up).

In this photo, I am cosplaying コスプレ as Nana ナナ a manga/anime 漫画/アニメ character created by Ai Yazawa 矢沢あい. I have always had a great love for Nana (both anime and character). Part of that appeal is her punkish fashion - ripped clothing, fishnets, dark eyeliner, collars, etc.

In this photo, I am wearing a black dog collar, and a black string necklace with a wyvern on it, which I secretly bought one day in Kuranda. For a very long time, I have loved the darker side of life, which my mother still disapproves of, so I had to hide (and still do) some of my items.

I'm also wearing a tank top, made of an underlayer and some gathered see-through fabric as an overlayer. I loved it, but looking back, it was not at all flattering to my figure, even wearing a belt (the one in this picture, I borrowed from my best friend. It is slightly velvety and has lots of eyelets).

I don't recognise the bracelet, so I'll move on to the skirt. It's hard to see in the photo, but that is a red tartan skirt. Again, one of those things that I really loved, but was not flattering. It was made of some sort of stiff but fleecy material, pressed into the shape of a netball skirt. As a 17 year old me, I just thought 'Yes, so alternative! This will piss my mum off!' but it was really awful. 

If this was a more gothic outfit, I could probably point to it as an example of my babybat years, but I'm honestly still learning about the alternative scene. Many of my colleagues remark that I look younger than I am - in high school, it was the complete opposite. I feel I am stepping out from under my mother's shadow and living my younger years as I should have.

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!
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