Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fashion inspirations: Nymphadora Tonks † pink hair, punk

After Red and Black Week wore off, I began thinking about what sorts of posts I usually love reading on other people's blogs. So I have to admit, I'm a fashion tragic, and I collect pictures on my iPad of outfits I really like. Every morning before I roll out of bed, I consult my trusty gallery and ask 'What shall I wear today?'

So let's start with the first picture I have:

Nymphadora Tonks


I wouldn't mind having pink hair. However, my boyfriend, who is usually very tolerant, put his foot down at me dying my hair as I 'have Asian hair so it'll eventually turn orange, no matter what colour you dye it'. When I suggested I just dye it orange he gave me this look... (¬_¬)

I find Tonks is such a bright, fierce character that people do some amazing fanart of her. As such, I have several of her pictures in my inspiration gallery.


And this

Source (The full picture is amazing)

Buckles, rips, chokers, short hair and lots of piercings? Sounds good to me.

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