Thursday, 6 June 2013

Red and Black Week Day 4: Cuddly friends

For today's photo, I gathered some of the red and black cuddlies around my room and gathered them on my red and black and white bedspread:

The character on the right is some sort of exasperated demon. He used to have a string with a suction cup attached to it, to hang him from a window, but in my experience, those things are useless so I cut it off.

The red beanie baby was something I picked up second hand (but that is my star sign). At some point, I gutted her, turned her into a bag and sewed that bow with a tiny orange jack-o-lantern to her ear. I had actually forgotten she was a bag until I took this photo - looking inside, I found my sour peach lip balm and my black lipstick, two of my favourite things, which I had given up as lost forever

The remaining two are very interesting things known as GIANTmicrobes. The premise of these is great - make microbes into cute cuddly things and stick a tag on them filled with information, so people learn all about them!

I have about seven of these. The ones here are Mad Cow disease (the spotty long one) which each apparently have a unique pattern, and HIV (black with a red ribbon). I also have the common cold, a red blood cell and a white blood cell, influenza, and herpes.

(Another thing I love about them is that they can change an ordinary statement about toys into something a bit awkward... - "I've got chlamydia!" "Do you now....")

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!


  1. lol i love the microbes! I have the louse and a "stomach ache" bacteria. We bought ebola for our nephew and it's still his favorite toy.

  2. I love the giant microbes. I've been wanting some for years! And your bear bag is very cute. :) Isn't it nice to find things you thought were lost? (Though not quite as nice as not losing them in the first place...)

  3. "Exasperated demon" - that's classic. It would be a great name for a black metal band. :D

    I've seen those plushie microbes in catalogs. Too cute! (I just accidentally typed "Too cure" which is strangely appropriate when talking about microbes...)

    1. You may be onto something Ms Kitty :)
      I expect if you called the band 'exasperated demon' but in a language like Swedish or Japanese it would sound very legitimate ;)

  4. Awww, I love the microbe plushie! I've seen them online before, and have always had to force myself to not buy them.

  5. I can't resist them :3 There's a chickenpox microbe in my campus bookshop that has my name on it.


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