Friday, 7 June 2013

Red and Black Week Day 5: Who's that!?

And so, for today's post...


Um, not really. I kind of wanted to show off my rings, but my camera battery is flat and all I could use was my iPad...

So, what am I wearing?

Well, on my smallest finger, I have a tiny silver(coloured) ring I found half buried in the grass on campus. It has a pair of misshapen hearts.

On my next finger is a beaded red and bronze ring I bought from a night market on Copacabana Beach in Rio. They sell many good things in Rio night markets.

The silver (actual silver this time) ring on my middle finger has a traditional 'meander' pattern. I bought this somewhere in Greece, although I can't remember exactly where...

The darker ring is a bunny face which reminds me of Frank from Donnie Darko, or the Black Rabbit of Inlé from Watership Down. I got it from Diva (click for a better picture) for about 2 bucks :3

My next finger has a silver ring from Tree of Life, featuring a two ended dragon. This is the first ring I ever bought *nostalgia*

On my thumb is another ring from Diva: a wrap around ring with a moon and a star on either end.

Oh, and I'm wearing a giant oversized red and black striped jumper, and a ring covered in runes on a chain ^_^

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!


  1. I once did a Monthly Theme of rings and that was when I learned that rings are incredibly difficult to photograph! The details are always so tiny. I love your ring collection - especially the one from Rio. Do you usually wear all of these at once? A heavily-ringed hand is one of my favorite aesthetics!

    1. Yes, I do usually wear all of them, although spread out between both hands. It takes a little bit of juggling to remember which rings fits on which finger. ^o^

  2. The Black Rabbit! I LOVE Watership Down! Great, now I have to go buy a rabbit ring of my own...

  3. Replies
    1. Why thank you ;3
      I really like Frank's character and aesthetic too. Very creepy


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