Monday, 3 June 2013

Red and Black Week (or Looking Back) Day 1: Nana Cosplay

This week is Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week.

I have chosen to look back on some old photos, and explain a little about myself.

Here is today's photo:

Excuse me for chopping my own head off. This was not a very flattering photo.

So this photo was taken as a 'muck up' photo, during the photo session of my final year in high school. My high school allowed us to dress up for a short period of time and allow us to take silly pictures (and in fact, for the school photographer to take a picture of all of us dressed up).

In this photo, I am cosplaying コスプレ as Nana ナナ a manga/anime 漫画/アニメ character created by Ai Yazawa 矢沢あい. I have always had a great love for Nana (both anime and character). Part of that appeal is her punkish fashion - ripped clothing, fishnets, dark eyeliner, collars, etc.

In this photo, I am wearing a black dog collar, and a black string necklace with a wyvern on it, which I secretly bought one day in Kuranda. For a very long time, I have loved the darker side of life, which my mother still disapproves of, so I had to hide (and still do) some of my items.

I'm also wearing a tank top, made of an underlayer and some gathered see-through fabric as an overlayer. I loved it, but looking back, it was not at all flattering to my figure, even wearing a belt (the one in this picture, I borrowed from my best friend. It is slightly velvety and has lots of eyelets).

I don't recognise the bracelet, so I'll move on to the skirt. It's hard to see in the photo, but that is a red tartan skirt. Again, one of those things that I really loved, but was not flattering. It was made of some sort of stiff but fleecy material, pressed into the shape of a netball skirt. As a 17 year old me, I just thought 'Yes, so alternative! This will piss my mum off!' but it was really awful. 

If this was a more gothic outfit, I could probably point to it as an example of my babybat years, but I'm honestly still learning about the alternative scene. Many of my colleagues remark that I look younger than I am - in high school, it was the complete opposite. I feel I am stepping out from under my mother's shadow and living my younger years as I should have.

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! How cool that your school let students dress up for photos. Hopefully your mom will come around someday - my dad didn't like my brother and I dressing alternative in high school but now he is my biggest fan and loves my style and my blog. :)

    Thanks for joining in Red & Black Week!

  2. Love to see a Nana cosplay! She is one of the most kickass characters ever. Darn, why did I never finish reading the manga? I shall finally do it :D

    1. Because the manga was never finished? I agree though, such a good character (^_^)☆

  3. We call our grandmothers "Nana," so this is hilarious to me : ) !!!!

    1. I used to call my father's mother that too :3 But of course, it means something completely different in Japanese. The way Nana's name is written doesn't really mean anything, but 七 'nana' means seven.
      It's a seriously cool series though. It was so intense that there are rumours the author had a nervous breakdown because of it, which is why she never finished the series.


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