Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Red and Black Week (or Looking Back) Day 3: Red, Black and White Dream

Today I've decided to put up a picture I drew 3 years ago. Unfortunately, the scan ate it.

It's a picture of Dream aka Morpheus aka The Sandman aka all the other names he's been called. He's the creation of Neil Gaiman, my most favouritist author in all the universe (◕0◕)

And I can't draw feet. Pretend he's wearing socks.

PS: The Sophistique Noir Red & Black Week runs every year. Join in at any point during the week!


  1. Pretty! I love the red details, they make the whole image more alive. :)

  2. This is excellent! At least you got a good scan before it was eaten. Feet are SO hard to draw - I'm impressed with how well you did on the hands! That was my least-favorite part of my college life-drawing class!!

    1. What I meant was, it looks better in real life than scanned. Don't worry, it didn't literally eat my picture ^_^


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