Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dark mori girl outfits

This is part of a project on dark style subcategories. For the full list, click here.

Mori girl 森ガール is a Japanese style which suggests a lifestyle of living in a forest. Natural colours and objects are used in outfits. Dark or black mori girl 黒森ガール is, as the name suggests, a darker approach to the mori girl aesthetic.

The aim is to be girly, innocent and natural, as opposed to the more flamboyant, Victorianesque and occasionally maturer looks of dolly kei.

My turn!
The basic outfit

Vertical Club dress | no-name tights | New Look boots

I'm wearing flat black boots. Flat, therefore good for walking/hiking through the forest. I'm also wearing black tights with flower patterns. Mori girl styles should ideally have woollen tights, but I felt the designs on the pairs I have were not suitable. I also briefly considered my bat stockings, but those are too 'spooky'. Mori girl is about plants mostly, flowers and leaves, and dark mori girl is just the same thing in darker tones.

Finally, I'm wearing a dress which could easily be casual gothic Lolita (and indeed, Lolita and mori girl share some similarities). It is a black babydoll with flower lace detailing.

There is no makeup/nail polish/etc. Mori girl styles are all about being natural.

The first adaptation

Paper ♥ Heart cape | no-name gloves | Harper's Bazaar infinity scarf

This look incorporates the mori girl love of fur. I'm wearing a brown cape with faux fur trim, and beige gloves also with faux fur trim. I'd like to note here that mori girl styles tend to favour colder weather.

I'm also wearing a black wool infinity scarf.

Additionally, I'm wearing a gold coloured cuff detailed with flowers and bees. However, jewellery is rare in mori styles.

The second adaptation

one after another NICE CLAUP overshirt | Harper's Bazaar infinity scarf | no-name belt
This is more of a 'casual' look. I'm wearing a long black shirt type thing over my dress, which also has flower details. I'm wearing a belt with a butterfly on it (a little shiny for mori kei, but oh well...) and several bracelets. As I mentioned previously, jewellery is mostly absent from mori styles, and if present, tend to be on the wrists.

Again, I'm wearing the scarf, as well as (hard to see) a black and silver headband with little diamanté flowers. There's a furry thing in my scarf which is kind of popular in some parts of Asia right now. You could buy them practically anywhere in Beijing. I guess you could call it a fur dangle.

The third adaptation

Pipal Tree jacket | Sportsgirl belt

This look is a lot closer to the western interpretations of dark mori girl. I'm wearing a big Nepalese jacket and fishnet gloves. You can also probably see I am wearing black lipstick - western adaptations of dark mori girl will often involve dramatic use of dark makeup.

My necklace is a brown jade monkey, and I have a belt with a fox's face on it (*w*)

Edit: here, have another picture :)

What do you think of the style? I think this is a style I would use only occasionally, since I'm more of a ripped jeans, black eyeliner sort of girl. This style is supposed to be a bit vulnerable, which isn't really me at all. I feel too much like a little girl dressed like this.


  1. I love the dark mori asthetics, I'm looking forward to add some of it's elements to my own wardrobe. I love your cape, where did you find it? :p
    I've been looking for something similar for ages...

    1. I found it at a pop-up market in Sydney :) I'd been looking for one for several years, and was almost manically happy to get it.

  2. Dark Mori Girl is so appealing to my already Goth sensibilities - I love layers! I don't know much about Strega though - could you maybe do a post on it? I'll do some research of my own!

    1. I'm planning on doing such a post... One day...

    2. So uh, yeah. Strega isn't actually a style. Whoops.

  3. I looove the third one!! That over shirt is so gorgeous! Especial the collar. That gives me an idea of how to remake my BF shirt:D

  4. omg someone did a goth mori. i was looking for this for one of my posts back when. also your blog is awesome +follow

    1. Haha, thank you :) I'll be doing a dark mori girl 'factsheet' in a month or so.


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