Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ice goth outfit

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I need another corset. I keep using this one too much.

Okay, ice goth. So as far as I understand it, ice goth is about being goth but with a focus on white, rather than black. Some ice goths go all white, some use black/other colours as accents. I chose to go black on white. If I had a red corset, I would do red on white in a heartbeat.

Usually there is also a tendency towards 'ice-like' or silvery accessories.

Some further information for you:

My turn!
Tightrope dress | no-name corset | don't even bothering asking where the accessories came from...
Outfit cost: AUS$50 (most of which was the corset)

I'm wearing a long white dress, which I got from a local charity/thrift/second-hand/whatever-you-want-to-call-it store.

Over that, I have a black corset. I bought this in Sydney fairly cheaply. It's a bit big for me :/ But it serves the purpose here.

For accessories, I'm wearing a silvery necklace with a flaming snake pendant (????), a black metal necklace with white skull beads, tailed butterfly earrings in my first piercings, cuffs in my second piercings and a silver stud. I'm also wearing a skull bracelet and a metal and pearl bracelet on my left wrist, and two pearl bracelets on my right.

And I have a black headband with diamantes on my head :3 and black lipstick, of course :)

I'd forgotten how much I liked this dress :) I should wear it more often.

Has anyone else tried ice goth?

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