Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Outfit post † black and pink, skulls and jeans

So as a sort of response to Sylwia's request for jeans stories, here's an outfit with jeans. Yay!

The first thing I have to say, before you even see the outfit, is that for most of my life, I hated pink. I used to run away from pink things. Literally.

And now this:

Holy hell that's a lot of pink.

Yes, kittens, those are HOT PINK JEANS, right there.

There are also pink skulls on the hoodie (which I just scored from my university's swap party). And my black boots are also second hand, although you can't see them too well here.

The shirt I'm wearing underneath also has pink details.

It's covered in cute monsters with pink tongues. The monsters are yelling out scary things like 'Boo!', and they glow in the dark, but when I tried to take a picture it just came out as a black rectangle...

Are you an all black person? Do you occasionally throw in crazy colours?


  1. Nice color! :D I like pink, but I think it's hard to wear it right. I think: U look great!

    1. Thank you. I honestly don't know what got into me when I bought them... ^_^;


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