Friday, 30 August 2013

Wear It Purple and show your support † QILTBAG rights

"Wear it Purple Day is about showing rainbow (sexuality and gender diverse – SGD) young people that they are supported, celebrated and respected exactly as they are. It’s about raising awareness in your school, workplace, uni, or general community that rainbow young people face challenges that they shouldn’t, and it won’t be tolerated." [Source]

So today, I went hunting for purple clothing in my closet.

Hey look, I'm outside!
 I felt like taking pictures outside today because it's a lovely sunny day (29 degrees celsius. What happened to spring?)

As you can see... I don't really have much purple clothing. So I opted for as much purple I had, plus rainbow accents.
no-name hat | Crossroads corset top | Vertical Club skirt | Dub & Drino stockings | New Look boots

Wear It Purple Day was an idea created by two Aussie teenagers. It gives me a feeling of pride for Australian youth. At the moment, Australia's international reputation is very bad, given the way the government treats asylum seekers and indigenous people, wants to rip up the Great Barrier Reef, and is dithering about approving same-sex marriage.

This day isn't just an Australian thing; it's international.

"Wear it Purple Day has grown into a world-wide celebration of diversity and pride. The message has travelled around the globe and people have joined us in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands."

Simply wear purple, and inform your school friends/colleagues/family what its all about. Better yet, get on social media and spread the word.

PS: speaking of social media, I've just sorted out my Google+ account. Please follow me if you have Google+!

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