Saturday, 14 September 2013

Demon's temple in Beijing † Daoist temple, departments of the afterlife

A few months ago, I was in Beijing for work.

While I was there, I wanted to visit temples. Asian temples are incredibly beautiful and relaxing.

Although this one...

... was deliberately disturbing.

Want a gothic experience in China? Forget cemetaries, this is where to go.

北京东岳庙 Dongyue Temple is located in Beijing's 朝阳 Chaoyang District, near 朝阳门站 Chaoyangmen Station. It's a Daoist temple dedicated to a mountain god.

There are many enclaves around the main courtyard which house representations of 'departments' of the afterlife. Many of them are deliberately graphic. (I apologise for the photo quality.)

I think this is the Department of Suicides.

Wow. Long tongue...

One of the plaques.

But this really is a beautiful place. There are stone tablets on the backs of fierce turtles in the courtyard, and colourful prayers tied everywhere.

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  1. Your pictures don't display or is it just me?:)

    1. Fixed! Quality is kind of weird though...

  2. It looks like an absolutely wonderful place :3


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