Monday, 7 October 2013

Where to find free music †, Universal Music, Newgrounds

And now for something a little different. By no means is this for dark alternatives only :)

Being a little low on money means I have to prioritise my spending. This often means only spending on food, transport and little else.

But I love music, so I'm always looking for some free tunes.

Lucky for me, I have a varied taste in music. I listen to acts such as Nick Cave, Sisters of Mercy, Jeff Buckley, DELUHI, Jimmy Eat World, KYO, Modest Mouse, Gorillaz, Yo La Tengo, 2NE1, etc. etc.

So where do I go to find my music? (Legally. I'm a law student, so it wouldn't do to engage in illegal activities now...) Well, hold onto your cats, here are the best places I have found.

1. was one of the first places I gained free music from. It was here that I found bands such as Celestial Aeon Project (instrumental, ambient), Thùy Chi (Vietnamese soft pop), Paper Tiger (indie experimental) and (shoegaze). Occasionally, more well-known bands will provide a free song or two, and sometime remixes of their songs will also appear (there are 5 or so NIN songs available as remixes).

To find free songs, you basically go to this page. To look for a specific genre, just add /"tag" at the end of the url, where "tag" is what you are looking for.



Note that is part-wiki; this means that the tags may not be correct. It's like going through Tumblr.

2. FreePlay Music
I only get instrumental music from here, but there are lyrical pieces as well. I won't recommend specific artists, as I found I like individual pieces rather than the artists. Have a wander :)

3. Universal Music
If you want free music from slightly better known (but also slightly mainstream) artists, use this site. I recommend "Shell Games" by Bright Eyes. :3

4. Bandcamp
There's good music here, some of it free. Check the free tag. Andrew Huang's indie pop is good relaxing music, although not all of it is free. (This guy can play every musical instrument known to humans, including a few unknown, such as cat).

5. Newgrounds
Newgrounds is about free stuff: games, music and videos. All have been created by anyone who has an interest in that sort of stuff: think deviantART. There are categories to browse through in the left sidebar. I recommend Hania Lee's "Alice is Dead" for a slightly creepy jazzy number.

6. Samplers
Free cds! I've picked them up at concerts, outside entertainment shops like JB Hifi's and wherever free music magazines are spruiked. Often they have sampler CDs with some hidden treasures.

Are there any other good places to score free music?

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