Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Halloween in Sydney: Dates for the Calendar † Scare Fair, Halloween Parties and Jurassic Lounge

So with Halloween coming up, there's a few interesting events happening in Sydney (sorry kittens elsewhere in the world, I'm not sure what's happening around your area...)

If you're in Sydney any time over the next few weeks, I've rounded up a few places you can sink your fangs into.

26th October
Trick or Treat: Halloween Cruise

29th October
Jurassic Lounge: Halloween Night*

30th October
Halloween Dinner (You may have to be a TAFE student)

31st October
NDFC Scare Fair*
UWS Connect Halloween Party (You may have to be a UWS student)
UBar Halloween Party (You may have to be a MQU student)
Music for Halloween from the Australian Quartet
Lady Killers: The All-Girl Halloween Spectacular
Halloween Skywalk
Jesse Willesee's Haunted Hotel


Jurassic Lounge: Halloween Night
I highly recommend this event: held at the Australian Museum, there will be specimen preparations, a band and deep-ocean creature talks. I recommend this event because 1) Jurassic Lounge is pretty awesome, and 2) it's closing down! This is the last season, so you have to experience it before it goes :(

NDFC Scare Fair
Macquarie University's Natural Disaster Fundraising Community is running a Scare Fair on the night of Halloween. You don't have to be an MQU student to join in, and all proceeds go to disaster relief efforts :) There's a maze and movies :)

I'm thinking of going to the Jurassic Lounge event, perhaps as the Flame Princess. I have another party I've been invited to, and part of me feels I should again dress as a character... but why pass up the opportunity to dress full-blown goth? I'm thinking corset, slitted maxi-skirt and knee-high stompers :3

Who's got a Halloween party lined up?


  1. Hmm, I have to think about my Halloween. In Poland it's not so popular, but I should find any parties ;)

  2. This is so helpful since I've been looking for some Australian Halloween celebration-things. :3


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