Friday, 11 October 2013

Hostility in the alternative scene † online bullying, what's the deal with Felice Fawn?

I met up with a friend today, an old friend from school who was always a bit wild and I admired for that. She had just come back from overseas, but, now that I think of it, we didn't talk about that.

Instead, we talked about school. I was never really aware of exactly how bad it was, because I wasn't really in any of her classes, but there was a very definite and sustained 'campaign' (is the only word for it) against her.

Leaving school and entering university, she told me how surprised she was that people actually like her and *gasp* guys actually thought she was sexy. A lot of guys.

The more I listened, the more it appeared to me that there was one motivating factor behind what had happened to her - jealousy. Several girls were installing in people's heads that my friend was 'weird' and god forbid you hang out with someone 'weird' in school.

Considering how popular she is (particularly with guys) right now, I feel like there was a great deal of jealousy at play. Girls would accuse her of dancing 'like a slut', and with others telling her that she was being judgmental, she felt it was her fault, or that she was imagining it.

It's a hard thing to listen to one of the most important people in your life telling you things like this. Whilst I knew she didn't always get along with other people in our grad, I wasn't aware of the depth.

So when I was trawling through I Love Goth Girls, looking at outfits, and came across a picture of Felice Fawn (who I believe is an occasional model?), I vaguely remembered that she had some kind of campaign against her. So I went looking.

Here she is.

I found The Truth About Felice Fawn, which is unfortunately a tumblr site so it is difficult to find a sustained, logical argument that Felice is not a nice person (essentially). However, one thing I can say, whether Felice is a good person or not, is that the tone of this tumblr is incredibly bitchy. It is also one of many sites.

Maybe I'm too zen for my own good, but hey... that's not cool. Whether or not someone else is a cow does not also entitle you to be a cow. And I thought back to my friend and what she faced. Whether you agree or disagree with the way she dances or experiments or whatever, or whether you're jealous because you kinda want to be like her... it's a small person that acts pettily on those feelings.

Obviously this isn't limited to the alternative scene. But I think it's kind of sad that 'alternative' people, who are often themselves ostracised/bullied/alienated, should engage in this sort of thing. No matter who is doing the harassment or is being harassed, it's not okay.

I honestly prefer reading Felice's tumblr. At least it's calm and somewhat funny. Maybe the accusations against her are true IDK, but I'm not interested in reading bitchy rants (unless they're ironic. Like this guy's).

No doubt if any Felice hater catches wind of this post, my comments page will be flooded with comments like these:

Oh well. Some people never learn. But this sort of thing can lead to this sort of thing. And if you say 'so what, she deserves it' how can you even call yourself human?


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