Monday, 4 November 2013

Massive Halloween post † Jurassic Lounge, cheap Halloween items, plans for next year

Hey kits! I apologise for missing only the BIGGEST EVENT OF THE GOTHIC YEAR D:

I've been busy with university work, so I haven't been able to post my Halloween adventures here... until now.

First, yes I've changed my blog around again. I'm feeling pretty happy with it this time though, so this is likely to stick around for longer, although I might change the notepaper image slightly - I don't like the blue tinge it has.

And now on to the interesting stuff!

In the lead up to Halloween, Daiso had some Halloween items for sale. Not many, I'm afraid, but checking out their usual range, I came across a bunch of other Gothy cute goods. (Hint: if you like black cats, you'll like Daiso)

Bad quality pic of photo albums

Something a little punk

For the deco-ers out there

Black cats

More black cats

Great range of stockings. For a while, they only had footless, but they've remedied that

For a Halloween lolita?

And more black cats

And even more black cats

Anyone still fascinated with these or is it just me...?

A business card holder. I have one of these

Stickers! I love this set and have stuck them over everything

Note books. Black and pink seems to be a theme here...

One of my Daiso hauls. Guess what? I see another two black cat products there :P

The local bargain shop had more specifically Halloween goods to offer. I've bought so much jewellery from there :3
These nails need some modifying, but I love the designs

I also have some bat earrings and a skeleton hand pendant

Ack, it's one of those creepy changing portraits

Thumb >_<; I was tempted by the spider ring

On the Tuesday before Halloween, I hit Jurassic Lounge (which I mentioned in my previous post) with two friends.

I went as a witch, since I forgot my vampire teeth T,.....,T

The place was heaving with witches, vampires, Adventure Time characters, La Catrinas, and other strange looking creatures.

There was a craft area, to make eyeballs out of pingpong balls, decorate plastic pumpkins, and make your own tracing paper lantern.

One of the eyeballs (the other looks like the Eye of Sauron) and a smiley little pumpkin

There was also an artists' area, with painters at work on giant canvases, a polaroid photo booth, a fortune teller and a mini market.

Some of the lanterns were amazing :D

Here's mine (I admit I traced it. I wasn't feeling very artsy that night)

A cute pumpkin sitting on the cafeteria table. The candle had burnt down by the time we arrived though :/

For next year, I want to host a Halloween party myself. It has to have a pinata(!) and vampiric cocktails or punch.

How was your Halloween? Anything you didn't get to do this year that you're planning on for next year?


  1. Cute Stuff <3
    can we follow each other?

    Happy Monday ,kisses :)

    1. Thanks. Your blog is very interesting, I'll have a look through it.

  2. Stockings are so beautiful! And I like masks :)

    1. I know right. I have to stop myself from buying either every time I see them. :3

  3. Yeah, black cats everywhere!
    I've been really busy with family matters, so I didn't have time to organize anything for Halloween. We went to a friend's concert with his metal band, but I wah too exhausted too dress up...It was fun nontheless. :)

    Btw, as for the blog revamp: I really like the notebook page concept, but the lines on your backgroung make your text hard to read sometimes...:(


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