Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas wishlist † tartan, NANA, Gothic and Lolita Psycho

My Christmas wishlist... How materialistic. -_-

In all seriousness, though, these are things I've been wanting for a long time (in some cases more than 3 years).  Maybe I won't get them any time, soon, but one day, one day...

1. The complete NANA manga series
This is my favourite series of manga. It was briefly replaced by another of Yazawa Ai's works, Gokinjo Monogatari, but only very briefly. I have several of the volumes already, but I'd love to get the rest of the ones available.

2. The complete Tokyo Crazy Paradise manga series
This is my other favourite. The manga is unfortunately only available in Japanese, but I don't mind. ^_^

3. A tartan dress
I saw a cosplayer rocking one recently and fell in love :D
4. A Nintendo DS. And then all of the Ace Attorneys games.

5. Goth/Horror movies: Gothic and Lolita Psycho, The Grudge, Gypsy 83, My Summer as a Goth

6. And other shows/movies: Adventure Time, Daria, The Last Unicorn, Serendipity, Gokinjo Monogatari

I'm sure I could keep adding to this list, but these are the first things I can think of. Who else has a wishlist?


  1. That cosplayer is gorgeous! Now I want a tartan dress, too.


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