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Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Ice goth

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Also known as
White goth, negative goth

Defining colours
  • White
  • Very very pale colours


Ice goth is a subgenre of goth with a significant focus on the colour white, hence the name. Ice goths tend to be more inclined towards romantic goth than any other style, probably due to the origins of ice goth. The style is believed to have originated in the early days of goth, when young goth women on a budget would wear their mothers' old wedding dresses. This is not to say that all ice goths are romantic goths. Here, for example, is an outfit and makeup tutorial for ice goth in Lolita style:

Ice goth stands out in a style tribe that prizes black. It can be an extremely striking style. As Amy Asphodel points out, ice goth can be particularly impressive when worn by goths of colour, as the white makeup and clothing creates a sharper contrast.

Accent colours such as red or black can be used for makeup or accessories.

Style icons
Top of the list would be Emilie Autumn. Emilie's outfits are regularly all white with striking red accents, although she appears in pink and white on her latest album cover. Her style can be described as Industrial Neo-Victorian.

Inspiration in popular culture
It could be argued that the White Queen from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has an ice goth fashion style. She wears all white with accents of red on her nails and lips. Her gown really suggests 'ice' with tiny glass beads sewn all over it, and sleeves of sheer material. Her strongly marked brows bring a darker feel to the outfit.

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  1. I think Ice Goth is a really lovely style! I love ethereal, ghostly outfits! I am still trying to find a lovely long white ghostly Vintage dress, I haven't found one that fits yet, sigh!

    1. I expect you'd be set if you could find an old wedding or prom gown, but they're so hard to find.

  2. There is another one! Lovely! I have always loved the colour white used in a ghostly, goth-y way! I also often say that white is way more gothic than black nowadays, and more daring also. If you use white in the right way, it can be far creepier than black! And white hair? Absolutely amazing. I wish I could have it, but I have dark hair and it would be impossible to bleach them so much without ruining them! I also love silver hair: so elegant and charming. And it could totally go with a white goth outfit!
    Elisa styleBizarre

    1. You could take the option of a wig :)


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