Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Xmas

Christmas colours!

Hey kits. Happy Christmas to everyone reading this.

People go on about how magical a time of year it is and whatnot, and I agree it's important, but for other reasons:

Without a sense of renewal, life just keeps going and going. Christmas is part of a ritual that makes us feel that something is being renewed (despite the fact that years are a human construct, and new year doesn't mean a damned thing to the greater scheme of things).

Without it his day, there is no sense of preparing to let out that breath you've been holding all year. No preparation to do better the 'next round'. Christmas is a milestone.

For those people who say they hate Christmas, think about that. Is it because of the commercialisation of the holiday? Bring it down to its bare bones: the celebration of renewal - and maybe you'll like it more.

The best Christmas song ever. Not just because it's sung by Tim Minchin.

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