Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Shopping the wardrobe † Staying goth on a budget, yup it's another one of those posts

So after FINALLY finishing my university degree, I've been thinking more and more about jobs, and my lack of one.

This inevitably leads to thoughts about lack of money. I admit, I like to shop, although I don't think I'm a shopping addict. Nonetheless, I would like to decrease my shopping, as I really don't need any more clothes, or things, for that matter.

Many bloggers have discussed gothing on a budget. Sary Walrus' blog post is probably the one that set me off writing this, but I've also noticed this subject in pretty much all of Bane's posts, this post by Lizzie (which is actually about Gyaru, but anyway...) and this one by Juliet's Lace.

So as a raging leftie who rallies against consumerism jobless waif, I feel I should join in. But I'm going to make it a challenge to myself :)

So for each day of the month, I will seek to create a particular type of outfit, using only the clothing in my cupboard. It's shouldn't be hard, and will prove to me that I can look awesome without buying more stuff, geez.

Okay, here goes:
  1. Wear a dress
  2. Don't wear a t-shirt
  3. Wear an outfit with no black (this is going to be hard D:)
  4. Wear jeans
  5. Wear a skirt
  6. Go cat-themed
  7. Wear a t-shirt
  8. Wear a pair of stockings which have not been worn/for a long time
  9. Dress like a cartoon/anime character (nothing too outlandish)
  10. Wear boots
  11. Wear something that hasn't been worn for a long time
  12. Wear a scarf
  13. Wear a hat
  14. Wear all second-hand
  15. Wear leggings
  16. Wear Vans (because I don't wear them enough. They just sit in my cupboard :/)
  17. Go OTT goth
  18. Wear stripes
  19. Wear gloves
  20. Wear a tank/camisole
  21. Go casual goth loli
  22. Wear pleather
  23. Wear a black dress
  24. Go hipster :P
  25. Wear something distinctly Asian (come on, admit it, Asian clothing is pretty interesting)
  26. Wear a single colour outfit that isn't black (this is going to be REALLY hard)
  27. Wear something I've made/DIYed myself
  28. Wear a waistcoat
  29. Wear a statement belt
  30. Wear something someone gave me
  31. Dress like a hippie :)
Okay, well, I may not do each individual thing every month, but I will try to follow one of these every day. How many months can I hold out for? 

Other things I'll have to do:
  • Think: Do I need this?
  • Think: Seriously, do I need this?
  • Think: How much does this cost? Is it worth it? (Unfortunately I usually buy my clothing second hand so it's usually cheap :( )
  • DIY: Make it myself
  • Do something else to fill my time
Does anyone else have any other tips on how to stop spending on clothing/shop a wardrobe?


  1. Thanks for the link! I'm glad that my post provoked your raging left-wing-ness, oh, and thoughts too. :3 I might have to borrow your themes and do so outfit photos to go along!

    1. No problems. Although, of course, I've now discovered my problem is buying accessories, not clothing. Argh. I need to do a post about that!


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