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Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Han Loli

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Also known as
Han Lolita, han-loli

Country of origin
Korea, sort of. Rather, it tends to be created by Korean girls in other countries who feel there is a gap in the kinds of Lolita influenced by traditional dress.

Gender balance
Female only, so far.


In the tradition of Qi Loli and Wa Loli is Han Loli, which incorporates the traditional Korean dress for women, the hanbok, into the Lolita style. The hanbok is made of Korean silk, a different weight to Chinese or Japanese silk.

Members of SNSD aka Girls' Generation in hanbok. Source.

As with all Lolita styles, the preferred silhouette is that of a ‘cupcake’. A bell-like skirt and de-emphasis of the bust achieves this look, and the hanbok, with its unique shape, lends itself nicely. It is a very rare style, with only a few people attempting it.

Style icons
The livejournal user envirion has a very interesting post on Han Loli, giving the technical names for each piece of the hanbok she incorporates.


 Ceratopian also has 2 very short posts with pictures of herself in Han Loli.

Inspiration in popular culture
A few years ago, popular KPop group 포미닛 4minute posted pictures of themselves in modified hanbok for the Harvest Moon Festival. The style is very Han Loli.

f(x) also had a go at Lolitaesque hanboks.


As did 시크릿 SECRET.

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  1. I do think this works well for Lolita - especially for empire waist type looks. I hope to see more of this in the future!


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