Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Panda Poppare

The full Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion can be found here.

Also known as
Panda, panda popare, BD popare,

Country of Origin
Defining colours
  •  Black and white
  • Very rarely, a bit of red

Gender balance
On the internet, there are considerably more female than male. Hard to tell.

Panda poppare arose out of fandoms of Britpop and mod fashion. In many ways they resemble subcultures such as emos and mods, although popular music within this group is primarily shoegaze or dream pop, particularly from the Swedish band Broder Daniel. It is joked that frontman Henrik Berggren is considered a god by pandas. Pandas also listen to some trad Goth music. In the trend of emos, pandas apparently hate everyone except their friends, and often sit around drinking red wine in gloomy groups.


The girls have huge 60’s-like bobs with straight bangs which are usually black or pale blonde to white. This video shows an example of a panda girl doing her hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFgzbCJZDhI (note, it’s in Swedish). For some reason, blogger can't find the video, so I can't embed it...

They wear mod style clothing, shirts and blouses with Peter pan collars, go-go boots or school girl style shoes and headbands. BD patches and pins are also commonly worn. Panda girls will make their skin pale, line their eyes with black, wear dramatic false lashes, and occasionally draw stars just below their eyes.


Panda boys may also wear dark eyeliner and draw stars on their faces. Some favour an ‘artsy’ sort of look, sporting trilbies, scarves and overcoats. Others follow the panda girl trend of 60s fashion, with straight bangs and bowl haircuts, usually black or blond. They may wear turtlenecks, while others wear white formal shirts with ties are worn under black jumpers or waistcoats.

Style icons
Fuck yeah poppare has a list of pandas who appear in the Tumblr site. I am not entirely sure if these are well known pandas or not, but they have good photos, so what the hell.

Inspiration in popular culture
Anyone from Broder Daniel, QED.
Henrik Berggren. Source
Further reading and resources 


  1. so THATS what that was! I saw one person dressed like this and I thought it was the coolest ever. had no idea it was a thing.

    1. Yup, it's a thing. An amazing omg-that-hair thing.

  2. Replies
    1. Is mod goth (or goth mod) a thing? I might have to add it to my list...


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