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Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Camo Loli

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Also known as
Camouflage Lolita

Country of origin
Japan (Home of Lolita)

Gender balance
There aren't really many... as far as I've seen, 1 male and about 2-3 females have engaged in this style. Like other Lolita styles, I would presume that if Camo Loli took off in a big way, there would be considerably more females than males. Hard to tell.


A very short lived subset of the Lolita style, it combined the Lolita silhouette (cupcake shape – de-emphasised bust, puffy skirt down to the knee or just below the knee) with camouflage patterns.

According to Caro Dee (who provides much of the information in this factsheet), Camo Loli came about as a collab between popular Lolita brand Angelic Pretty and Aya of the band  サイコ・ル・シェイム Psycho le Cemu. In the same way that Mana of the band MALICE MIZER revolutionised Gothic Lolita with his cross-dressing ways and Lolita brand Moi-même-Moitié, Aya was something of a Lolita idol who also cross-dressed.

Here is someone cosplaying as him. Source.
In any case, Camo Loli appeared and disappeared quite rapidly, although some examples still exist on the internet. Interestingly, more recent attempts at Camo Loli have a somewhat Steampunk vibe. Google search informs me that Camo Loli OPs (one piece dresses) are available for sale on line.
Style icons
Aya is probably the only ‘high profile’ Camo Loli that existed. He modelled the Angelic Pretty Camo Loli range he helped design, after all.

And this is the only picture I can find of him in Camo Loli.
What gives? Source.

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