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Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Rokku gyaru

The full Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion can be found here.

So I haven't made a factsheet on any of the gyaru styles yet... here goes!

Also known as
ロック ル Literally means 'rock girl/gal'.


Country of origin

Gender balance
'Gyaru' in general is a female fashion style. There are male equivalents with varying names. So Rokku gyaru is a female only style.


Rokku gyaru is a subset of gyaru style, and so follows the common gyaru themes of big false lashes and often elaborate nail art and accessories. This tribe in particular goes for a punk-like or rocker chick look: torn clothing, skulls, fishnet, but always with a sophisticated yet tough air.


Hair is usually (but not always) long and softly waved, often bleached a dark blonde, and piled high. Lipstick is rarely worn, or in nude colours. Leopard print is popular, as are black clothing, chains and leather. Footwear of choice is generally in boot form. Many gyaru of all kinds wear circle lenses, a type of contact lense that makes the iris look bigger than it actually is. Finally, the eyebrow shape tends to be an arched shape, rather than straight like many ulzzang or natural kei girls.


Style icons
The model and Tutuha shopgirl Amihamu is a popular rokku gyaru icon. Her style tends to incorporate cute elements.

Another popular model is Sakurina/Rina Sakurai, who goes for a more sexy look.


And then there's Kana:
And I'll stop there otherwise I'll be at it forever.

Inspiration in popular culture
There's quite a few rokku gyaru style characters in Japanese popular culture. I've featured Ririko from Kechonpa on my blog before:

I would argue that Shion from the manga NANA is also a rokku gyaru, although her tastes in later life resemble ane gyaru a little more.

Them's Vivienne Westwood pearls. Source.

And Setsuka Heel of Skip Beat!, who, again, I have previously featured:


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