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Encylopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Perkygoth

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Also known as
Perky goth, candygoth, bubblegoth, cupcake goth, lalalalala... Also, and this is a little bit debatable, some feel that the style Babydoll Goth is similar enough to perkygoth that they’re really one style. I think there’s a slight difference, so we’ll let this one pass.

This girl is ray of sunshine. Check out her blog. Source.

Defining colours
  •  Black predominantly, but usually with...
  • is pretty common, although rainbow and other colour schemes can be seen

Gender balance
Female tends to stack the numbers.

Perkygoth is a style very much driven by the attitude and personality of the wearer. Perkygoths are cheerful, playful and almost child-like on occasion. There are some tendencies: wearing of pigtails and school-girl style outfits (hence the crossover with Babydoll Goth), but technically any goth with a bouncy attitude could be a perkygoth. 

Pink is a very popular colour with this subset.

Perkygoth is actually considered a TV trope. And this Perkygoth Manifesto might amuse you.

Style icons
Jillian Venters, Lady of the Manners at Gothic Charm School (I just ordered the book!), is a self described 'cupcake goth'. She has a decidedly Victorian slant on fashion, with a little pink slipped in here and there.


Adora Batbrat often takes on the perkygoth look:

Singer Kerli goes by the descriptor 'bubble goth'.

Inspiration in popular culture
Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, is probably the first example people grab when discussing perkygoth. 


A smiley goth girl with her hair in pigtails and a more child-like, as opposed to mature, fashion sense. Abby tends to rock t-shirts and 'costume' jewellery (I don't really like that term, but how else to describe it...?) Sure, she wears mostly black, with only occasional red or white, but perkygoth is in the attitude.

Kent (previously Kynt) and Vyxsin are also well known perkygoths. Their weapon of choice is terrifyingly radioactive pink.


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  1. This is the first time I've heard it described as perkygoth, very interesting, thank you!

    1. As in, you've heard it called something else? Or you've never heard this style labelled before?


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