Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My ideal day † also, updates

Hey kittens, sorry for the lull in activity here. I'm having issues with Blogger on my laptop for some reason :/

EDIT: Aha! So this appears to be a problem with my version of Chrome... Posting will be on schedule once more!

So today I was procrastinating by catching up on web comics, one of my favourite things to do. Having a list of things that you really like is great when you're a bit stressed or overwhelmed. I'm going to take that a bit further and run through an ideal day :D

1. Wake up slowly. Whatever the time, whether 7 or 10 ( I don't like sleeping past 10).
2. Check Tumblr for pretty pretty outfits and Doctor Who jokes.
3. A quick shower to wake up properly.
4. I have difficulty with breakfast. I can never work out what I want to eat, or muster up the interest sometimes. Tea is a must. I usually start with fruit..
5. ...and keep wandering around Tumblr, although by this time, I might have moved onto web comics. My favourites include Go Get a Roomie and Toilet Genie (the art in this one is gorgeous, despite the weird name).

Toilet Genie art. Source.
6. At some point, I'll make myself a simple bowl of noodles.
7. From the afternoon, I start making stuff - painting, drawing, clay moulding, jewellery designing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, whatever. iTunes will probably be playing Sigur Ros, broove or Oliva Lufkin, although Nick Cave's Cannibal's Hymn or Mermaids causes me to overwork the repeat button.
8. I'll wander out of my workroom, pat the cat, look for something to eat, wander back in again.
9. Repeat.
10. Around night time I'll start watching stuff. Any of David Attenborough's documentaries gets the immediate tick of approval from me. Catface is a fun internet series to watch, and occasionally I can find some free view Adventure Time around.
11. Early bed. I sleep A LOT. Like a cat. Maybe I'll listen to a little Welcome to Nightvale beforehand. (An amazing podcast I recommend).

So that's an ideal day. I'll probably pick up a book or a comic at some point as well. If only life could always be so simple...

Who's got an ideal day? And have you ever actually been able to carry it out?


  1. As long as I work at home, I don't have to have a schedule, so I can get up whenever I want to...which is between 8 and 10. Then I make a cup of coffee, check my mails, blogger and surf until I wake up. I work all day long, meaning, that I start whever I feel like it and take as many breaks as I feel like taking, it's really comfy. Sometimes I take a hot bath during the day, I can spend about two hours in the bathroom reading comics...:D My boyfriend comes home at 5, we usually eat together, then we play some mmos and watch series before going to bed...I don't actually think, that it sounds ideal, but that's what an average day of mine looks like and I like it this way. :)

    1. That actually sounds really nice. :)


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