Monday, 10 March 2014

Concert † Andrew Huang

Okay, this was kind of more like a small gig, but that was great! I got to sit on the floor right in front!

Look look, he's right there, setting up!

Let's start from the beginning. Andrew Huang is a Canadian singer-songwriter-musician-genius who started his career writing silly songs in response to people's requests on the internet. That early website, is still around. I highly recommend you listen to Love #2 and Never, the song which really launched his popularity. There are also lots of silly songs about celestial ponies and zombies.


Fast forward a few years and he has written hundreds of songs under various names including Suture Sound, VS, Your Heart, Girl and a few others I forgot. He's in Australia at the moment, so I decided to go and listen. His rendition of I Still Feel It was amazing and The Coldest Darkness had everyone amazed at his ability to record and use more than 10 loops on the fly to make a fully fleshed song. I actually preferred the live acoustic version to the album version below:

The Coldest Darkness

Basically it was him, his guitar and a loop machine and he created beautiful music for the hour and a half he performed. He sang a few really old songs - Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those who hear it - some later songs, and some from his most recent album, The Coldest Darkness (which I picked up a copy of, of course).

Pretty colours...

He has an unusual voice and a vast array of influences: this guy can play banjo, acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, glockenspiel, drums and probably a whole heap of others I forgot. He's sampled sounds to make entire songs without musical instruments from things like meth lab equipment, 1000 pairs of jeans and *ahem* a nipple ring. He does rap, instrumental, dubstep, electro-pop, 80s pop and ballads but no metal, sorry guys...

So he sang a bunch of songs and forgot how to play some because he's made probably 500 or more but everyone had a great time. He finished up with Vass Tunga, an amazing rap in five different languages. Believe me, seeing a rap delivered live at that speed is very impressive.

This was the venue: Valve, in the Agincourt Hotel.

His stuff isn't everybody's taste - it definitely isn't 'Goth', but many of his songs are very soulful and intricately put together. I had fun chatting to him after the gig (his nervous laugh is really funny) as he is a really nice, laid back guy both on video and real life.

I'll leave a list of my favourite songs here:

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