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Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Fairy kei

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Note: I've kind of been on a fairy kei kick for a while (does that make me a bad goth? I always come back to the dark side!). As much as I love black, some days I feel like pastels or bright colours, and it's day like that when pop kei and fairy kei are great fun.

Also known as

Defining colours
  • Pastels: pink, green, yellow, blue and purple
  • White
Gender balance
Mostly female

Country of origin


Fairy kei is a Japanese street style which has gained rapid popularity in Western countries (as you'll see by the massive list at the end of this post). The look is greatly inspired by 80s fashion and usually features tulle skirts and bloomers, cute prints and lots of accessories. It has many similarities to sweet Lolita and decora, and indeed, many fairy kei dressers are inspired by these two styles or wear elements of these styles. 


Popular images associated with fairy kei include Care Bears, Barbie, cupcakes and sweets, Polly Pocket and 美少女戦士セーラームーン Sailor Moon. Fairy kei boys tend to encompass pop kei or darker elements in their outfits.

Style icons
Moco is a fairy kei designer and model often seen on the streets of Tokyo. Below is video of one of her looks from Tokyo Fashion News.

Tavuchi is another designer, this time of the very popular brand Spank! Spank! is so popular and representative of fairy kei that the style is often referred to as Spank! as well.


Fashion inspirations in popular culture
Although her colour scheme often runs into pop kei, 幸田実果子 Mikako Kouda/Sakurada is a great fashion inspiration as the manga she hails from, ご近所物語 Gokinjo Monogatari, was written in the early 90s.
Mikako loves pink and wears cute clothing (including some of her own design, the brand Happy Berry). She is also featured in Paradise Kiss, but her style has moved away from fairy kei by this stage.

Her younger sister 櫻田実和子 Mikako Sakurada, who also appears in Paradise Kiss, also demonstrates the occasional fairy kei look.

And wow, what a cosplay:

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  1. For me it's a bit to sweet, but looks interesting!

    1. I know what you mean. It's cute and fun to look at, but I'd never wear it. :P

  2. paradise kiss is my favorite! I loved Miwako! A younger me loved this I'm a bit too old for it now


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