Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Glitter poppare

The full Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion can be found here.

Also known as
Glitter popare

Country of origin


Defining colours

  • Anything bright and cheerful!

Gender balance
Mostly female

Glitter poppare pictures are hard to find. The poppare in question here is the
girl on the right. Source.

Glitter poppare is a rarer variant of the poppare style which favours bright colours and lots of accessories. Like if Japanese decora and Panda poppare had a lovechild. Or maybe if a 60s kid tried Scene style... As with other poppare, glitter is another one of those subcultures which sprang up from an interest in music, specifically the Mod revival and Britpop. 

Glitter poppare follows the standard poppare look of generally moddish styles. Girls are particularly flamboyant with large hairstyles, with a straight fringe and often a headband of some sort. Clothing tends towards the casual, rather than the A-line dresses and go-go boots of panda poppare.
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  1. So cute! I love bright and sparkly styles, although they don't really work on me!

    1. I know right. Like fairy kei, glitter popare is lovely to look at, but you try wearing it and everything goes wrong... D:

  2. "Like if Japanese decora and Panda poppare had a lovechild." yep, exactly. I've never heard of this one either! so bizarre. I'm loving these, btw

  3. Oh and of course they listen to Håkan Hellström, the boy on the photo. The boy who makes glasses crack ;)


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