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Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Ethergoth

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Also known as

Ethereal Goth, lazy goth


Defining colours

  • Black, mostly

Ethergoth is one of the simpler strains of Gothic fashion. The key word is 'ethereal' - ethergoths gather inspiration from Victorian and Romantic styles, to the point where there is considerable overlap, and gravitate towards flowy, billowy clothing. Form-fitting clothing is quite rare. Popular fabrics are chiffon, velvet and satin. 


Ethergoths are considered one of the quieter subsets, engaging in tea-drinking and poetry reading, rather than rocking out at the local club. Their preferred music tends to be of the ambient nature, such as dream pop, shoegaze or ethereal wave. 

Style icons
Okay, please please please don't stake me, but I think some of Amy Lee's (of Evanescence fame) outfits are ethergoth. *is stabbed repeatedly* Her music is not goth, it is a sort of pop rock, but her fashion style is quite gothic, and I'm concerned with fashion here.


I would also classify Neil Gaiman as ethergoth inspiration. Some of his characters are Trad Goth, but the man himself favours a simple look, overcoats and the like.


Fashion inspirations in popular culture
花島 咲 Hanajima Saki is a character from the anime/manga フルーツバスケット Fruits Basket. She is a witch-like character with a psychic power, and often wears billowy robes.
Some of Lydia Deetz's outfits (in both cartoon and live action versions of Beetlejuice) are ethergoth-esque. 


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  1. These style posts are really interesting, I don't always comment, but I looked up a few I liked. This one, however is kind of like 'lazy goth' to me. Based on 'ether' or 'ethereal' I'd have expected something more ghostly, more greys, whites...but I'm pretty sure that's something else, then. ^^

    As for Amy Lee, I think, she has a...'goth face'? Does it make sense? I think, she pulled off some really stylish goth looks over the years. :)

    1. I was surprised as well, actually. You really think ethergoth would resemble fairy goth more.
      Yes, Amy Lee has a very gothic appearance.


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