Friday, 21 March 2014

Rings † 'Gemstones', dragons and foxes

1666 X 30 of Mutant Stomp Friends recently posted photos of her collection of rings and suggested others might like to do the same. She also made a GIF of her rings, so I thought, hey, what a great idea! *steals*

Several years later, after resizing and recolouring 18 pictures of rings... here are my 'gemstone' rings.

I don't have any pretty nail polish on because I recently took some off and I like to let my nails breathe for a few days before reapplying. Keeps them healthy :)

So, rings. The ones above are 'gemstone' rings, i.e. polished pieces of glass (usually used in decorative vases) with designs painted on them with nail polish, or with pictures glued to them. I mentioned them here (which also has a link to the tutorial I used).

This is all of them together, plus some metal rings which I don't actually wear because:
1. They're too big.
2. I want to make one of these with them: Knuckle Duster Eyeglass Case Clutch.

In addition to that crazy number of rings that I made, I also have these rings, which you've probably seen before here: (I'm sorry, all these photos are sideways and poor quality... D:)

Plus a few foxes...

A squirrel...

The rhinestones are actually bright purple

A cat...

And a rose (which is too big and can't be easily modified, but I got it for free at a swap party, so that's okay).

So many D: I do have a 'real' ring, made of gold and such, but I decided not to post a picture of it.

Now I'm starting to run out of room for them. I should probably stop.


  1. Oh, many! I should wear my own rings more often, but I never actually think about it when I dress up. :/

    1. Yeah, you do have to make a conscious effort. I only recently started remembering to put on rings, but that's because of that clear box they're in, sitting on my dresser. I see them when I'm getting ready in the morning so it's easy.

  2. Your gif is absolutely hypnotic. Definitely time well spent. I love the moon+star one in the second photo

    1. Hours of entertainment for everyone! :D

  3. Whooo, I love your rings. I'm just starting to get back into wearing rings and I've had my eye on a few moon-shaped gem glass rings at the local vintage store.

    1. They sound pretty. Grab them before someone else does!


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