Friday, 18 April 2014

Commonly confused styles † Ulzzang vs Gyaru

I thought it might be a good idea to collect comparison infographics highlighting the differences between commonly confused styles. Or even those styles that somehow, people get mixed up...

So here is a quick post to demonstrate the differences between Ulzzang and Gyaru.



Edit: I will also add, as 1666 X 30 pointed out to me, that gyaru are much more OTT with their accessories and makeup. Gyaru will favour long, incredibly elaborate nails and sky-high heels, whilst ulzzang are more 'natural'.


  1. omg how did you forget to include my most favorite part of gyaru: their fantastic, awesome nails!!!! All I know about ulzzang is what you told me, but I can't imagine that they'd wear 2-inch stiletto nails

    1. In my rather backwards defence, that's because I lazily took info graphics from other sources and didn't add anything myself. I'll fix that...


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