Friday, 11 April 2014

Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Bittersweet lolita

The full Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion can be found here.

Gender balance
Female mostly. Bittersweet kodona (boystyle) is pretty rare and seems to be practised by females anyway.


Country of origin

Bittersweet lolita is a subset of lolita which branched away from Ama or sweet lolita. It is a rather controversial term: some lolitas loathe it, feeling that it is an unnecessary extra label for a style which is essentially ama-loli in black. Although I am not a lolita, as far as I have observed, there are (or should be) certain differences between ama-loli and bittersweet which stretch beyond the colour palette.


Bittersweet lolita, whilst also featuring common tropes of ama-loli,e.g. confectionary and toys, also uses very 'gothic' symbolism, and occasionally some 'creepy-cute' images. The pink and black colourway is the most popular of palettes. Essentially, bittersweet lolita is ama-loli for goths. Sweet gothic lolita? :P

This is starting to verge into creepy
cute. Source.

Style icons
Loli icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (who I got to see in concert) sometimes wears bittersweet lolita. It fits with her image of a cute but creepy girl.


Inspirations in popular culture

Further reading and resources


  1. I agree with those lolitas, who say it's an unneccessary label, but I kinda get the difference too, especially if I look at the second pic you posted; that girl looks like some psychobilly lolita, which is absolutely not even close to sweet, but way too vivid for a goth loli...:)

    1. Now I'm wondering if there's such a thing as psychobilly lolita....

  2. I really love the purple and blue outfit! I like the idea of Bittersweet, but I 'd have to find the right dress.


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