Monday, 28 April 2014

Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Mori kei

Also known as 
Mori girl (森ガール) or mori boy, forest kei


Country of origin

Gender balance
Mostly female


'Mori' 森 means 'forest' in Japanese. As such, mori kei tries to evoke the air of someone who lives in house in a forest. Natural colours such as green, brown and cream are very common and textures such as cotton, fur and lace are also often used. Of course, flower patterns are regularly seen.


Shoes tend to be of the kind good for walking, such as boots. Very little makeup, if any, is worn. The style is almost 'frumpy' as the look is quite shapeless, and so, as with dolly kei, a good grasp of the style is important. Layers are essential. Mori girls tend not to wear pants, favouring dresses and skirts.


Mori kei has taken off in a big way in Japan. It is very much a 'lifestyle, not just a fashion'. There is even an official online community and set of 'rules' for mori girls (there are also unofficial mori boy 'rules'). For a detailed guide on how to dress mori kei, check out Miss Kellie's Guide to Mori Kei.


Style icons
choco is the girl who set off the whole mori kei idea. She wrote a book "Mori Girl Fashion and Style Book" and set up the online community. But what does she look like? Who knows? She has the final say on who gets to join the online community though...

Aoi Yu 蒼井優 is an actress who has been used to showcase mori girl looks as a magazine model. She has the 'ideal' round rosy cheeks and pale skin.

Fashion inspiration in popular culture
Shizuru Satonaka, a character from the movie "Renai Shashin" (Photograph of Love). There aren't really any good photos of her online though...


Further reading and resources


  1. I absolutely love mori kei - I may have mentioned it before, perhaps at your dolly kei post...I love the colors and fabrics and patterns it uses, crothet and lace and all that stuff. :)

  2. I definitely love the look of this style and would love to embrace some elements of it into my own style. I don't think I could pull off the look completely though.

    1. Yeah, mori girl is just one of those fashion styles you really need to immerse yourself in before you can own it.


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