Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Monthly homework assignment † The dog days of summer

It's pretty bloody cold where I am right now - although the days are actually quiet mild, I work in an uninsulated shed with a tiny space heater. All it's good work is undone when the door is opened by some unwitting outdoor worker who has been gardening all day in the sunshine.

I also leave for work while the stars are still out, some I'm pretty much frozen from dawn to dusk. This all makes it difficult to think of summery things, yet both CorpGoth and The Curious Professor Z have set their monthly homework/reports on hot summer days.


I was tempted to say 'screw it, I'm a non-conformist alternative type and I don't need to write about summer' but I decided I'd play along anyway. So.

I've already done a big round up of tips to keeping cool and in one piece over summer here. It's very detailed and I don't think I have anything to add.

But then The Everyday Goth gave me an idea. So here goes: cold drinks for goths in summer!

Alcoholic drinks
Type 'gothic drinks' into Google and you're inundated with pages of alcoholic beverages. Dark Side of the Net has an incredible list of Goth and Horror Cocktails for Halloween that I really want to try out, particularly the Wicked Witch Apple Punch.

The Terrorizer also has a nice selection of cocktail, or, in fact, Cocktails to Die For. I like the sound of Moonlight and Moonrise (I'm a sucker for a fruit cocktail).

Aussies have a penchant for a cold beer in summer, although they are often light and not very gothy. Sparkling mead is best served chilled, so this could be a more suitable gothy drink for hot summer.

Non-alcoholic drinks
Tea is quite popular with many goths, so varieties of ice tea are definitely recommended for goths battling summer heat. Blackberry or blueberry tea is dark in colour, doesn't need milk and tastes great cold.
Coffee, of course can be taken black like a gothic soul, so iced black coffee is certainly on the cards, if that's your thing.
For something a little different, I would recommend a few Asian drinks too: taro milk tea is sweet and a wonderful purple colour, whilst black sesame is... well, black and tastes a bit like sweet peanut butter.

This was just a quick public announcement post in between my work. Although I finish early in the afternoon, when I get home I'm too tired to do anything other than shower, pull on my bat onesie and go to sleep forever.

Still, I'm thinking of doing some posts about winter, for all you Southern Hemisphere kittens out there, and as future reference for those of you who will be in winter a few months down the track. What say you all?


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mid monthly status report † Summer in the office

I think I'll take this opportunity to explain a little about my job. 

As some of you may or may not know, I recently graduated with a degree in environmental law. My job is working as a research officer for the Grounds department of a nursing home.

Okay, environmental law --> nursing home ... what?

Well, this nursing home is owned by a church, which also happens to own 32 ha of conservation land right next door. A lot of my work involves publicising the bush, doing patrols and getting school groups in to plant trees and look at the flowers, etc.

It's pretty fun and means that although I spend a majority of the time in a small, freezing shed, I also get to roam about, looking for tasty 'bush tucker' and taking pictures of our resident Satin Bowerbird (incredible bird, btw).

I am not looking forward to summer in that shed.

Winter is freezing, summer will be boiling hell. Working in the bush, I have to wear long sleeve everything.  I also have to wear a fluorescent yellow shirt so that no-one accidentally runs me over with the ATV while I'm out there, so that knocks my goth cred right down to zero. If it was fluorescent orange, at least I'd be able to work some sort of 'halloween goth' vibe into it...

So really, all year round, summer or winter, the only 'goth' ish things I can wear are:
  • black jeans
  • very small earrings (because I don't want them getting ripped out while I'm charging along a creek bed after a small bird that refuses to let me take its picture)
  • my black wood Buddhist prayer bracelet, from the Summer Palace in Beijing
And that's it.

Now if I was working in an actual, proper office, not a tin shed, my outfit would be this:
  • Being a bajillion degrees outside, I would wear a short-ish black business skirt (I have a nice one with a ruffly bow on the butt) and a short/ no-sleeve collared shirt.
  • Being Antarctic in the office, I would also bring with me a black or red cardigan to wrap around my chilled body, as well as thigh high black socks to keep my frostbitten legs warm. Both of these things could be easily removed for the heatwave that awaits outside.
  • Only silver jewellery (I'm allergic to nickel and nickel + skin + heat = massive, painful rash)
So that's how things are. I'm sure I will so be working in a proper office once again (not because I dislike the place I work at, I love it) but I'm being offered a number of opportunities that offer more avenues than my current job does. So maybe, soon, I will have more things to add to this list.

Anyone else doing the Mid-Monthly Status Report? Especially if you're a Southie, like me :)

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