Friday, 31 October 2014

Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Halloween Goth

Hey, I got this out in time for Halloween! (It's actually literally Hallows Even here right now.)
Edit: Beetlejuice is also playing on tv.

The full Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion can be found here.


Halloween goth is one of those 'fashion styles' that could be an actual style, but equally just some kind of costume-play. Type 'halloween goth' into Google and you're likely to end up with some super dodgy costumes.


But halloween goth is quite possibly a thing. Basically, it involves taking common halloween motifs (bats, pumpkins, orange, stripes) and creating a non-costumey outfit.


 The Pumpkin Patch has a very good description:
"What makes a Goth a Halloween Goth?
  •  Being a Goth (Duh!)
  • Thinks Halloween is more than just a holiday
  • Halloween shines through in their fashion: blacks and oranges, purples, and greens. Monsters and pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and Halloween paraphernalia galore!
  • Halloween costumes are always in season
  • Enjoys Halloween themed music, creepy haunt sounds, haunting melodies, even some of the goofier Halloween songs! (The Scarecrow likes to imagine everyone enjoys bouncy yet evil Carnival music too!)
  • Indulges in the Halloween novelties and cliches.
  • Ecstatic when October comes
  • Sanderson Sisters are idols… Where’s a virgin when you need one???"
Actually finding images of halloween goths is super hard, I mean, did I mention those SUPER TACKY *GOTH* COSTUMES THAT SEEM TO POP UP EVERY HALLOWEEN


 But there are a few. So enjoy. And Happy Halloween, kittens :3

Halloween nu goth? Source.
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Friday, 17 October 2014

Commonly confused styles † Gothic lolita vs Kuro lolita

Kuro v Gothic, using the same dress. Source.

Gothic Lolita and Kuro Lolita are easily mixed up, due to the predominance of black in both. The differences are:

  • Kuro 黑 (black) Lolita is always, always black and nothing else. Gothic lolita may wear all sorts of other colours.
  • Gothic Lolita will wear 'spooky' or ... well, 'gothic' accessories. Skulls, crosses, cobwebs, etc. 
  • Gothic Lolita tend to wear heavy eye makeup.
  • Gothic lolita tend to have more details and general 'decadence' about their outfit
  • Gothic lolita tend to keep their hair long, plain and straight
  • There is also a tendency for Kuro Lolis to look cuter and sweeter
Simply put, Kuro Lolita is a typical lolita style, but all in black.

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Qi Lolita

The full Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion can be found here.


Country of Origin
Japan, with Chinese influences

I'd wear this. Source.

Gender Balance
Female identifying


Qi Lolita is another of the rare Lolita styles influenced by the traditional clothing of a particular culture, like Wa Lolita, Han-loli and Wyrd Loli. Qi Loli is influenced by a fairly recent 'traditional' Chinese clothing item, the cheongsam 長衫 or qipao 旗袍

As you can see here, the cheongsam is a fairly recent creation, influenced by the west. Source, although I believe this work belongs to  Nancy Duong.

Qi lolita takes the top half of the cheongsam (either with straight-down Chinese buttons or diagonal) to the waist, but retains the 'cupcake' shape unique to the lolita style. Chinese-style hairpieces replace head-eating bows and bonnets; bun covers and hairpins are common. Chinese parasols and fans are also regularly used.

A more 'fusion style' with use of arm warmers and old school headdress. Source.

Some sources suggest that Qi lolita tends only to be a 'special occasion' or even 'cosplay' style. So despite Qi Lolita's exotic (and generally agreed to be beautiful) appearance, there are few lolitas who wear this style, and fewer retailers. Lolita Poupee has a 2011 blog post on retailers of Qi and Wa lolita fashion, but Qi lolitas are mainly on their own when it comes to putting together outfits.


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Friday, 3 October 2014

50 Gothy Blog Prompts † Part 1

So my time-strapped life means I'm doing another one of those memes in almost one post.

This is The Everyday Goth's 50 Gothy Blog Prompts. I know she asks for lots of photos, but that takes too much time I don't have, so here, have some text.

1. Post some pictures of a style you might wear if you didn't dress in Goth fashion, and talk about what attracts you to this style. 
If I wasn't a goth, I would probably be a mori girl. I love nature and actually, despite most of my wardrobe being blacks, reds and jewel tones, really like the neutrals and pale colours of mori girl. I might also try my hand at dolly kei, if I didn't dress gothic.

2. Do "a day in the life" of you. Take lots of pictures.
Ah. Well, since I've been working, my day usually consists of: wake up at 5:30, change into uniform, have breakfast, catch the bus, do stretches, work, eat something, work, eat something else, work, go home, nap, shower, put on bat onesie, eat, vaguely browse internet, sleep. Repeat. The only goth thing in there is probably the bat onesie 0;....;o

On the weekends, when they're free (because I always seem to be doing something, dammit) I try to go shopping. I love thrift stores, Daiso and fashion magazines like Yen and Peppermint because they are all great DIY inspirations. Where I can, I try to slot in a little DIYing.

Oh wait, my phone case is gothy. It's black faux leather with rounded studs on it. Rawk.

What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome on being a Goth? Talk about who or what have made being a Goth difficult for you. 
That would be my mother. She's alright, but convinced that goths are evil/depressed/too rebellious for their own good and if something bad happens to them, they deserve it. I'm not hardcore goth so she still hasn't really twigged, but it really annoys me when she bitches about alternative people.

4.Post a link to something you're saving up for. Threaten people so that they don't go buying it before you can.

5.Write some goals for the coming year, blog or wardrobe or life related. Or, if you've done that, write about how they're coming along.
I would like to continue gothing up my life wherever possible. Working so much can be draining, particularly when I can't always express myself, but indulging in my dark loves when I can makes up for all that.

6.Post some music you've been listening to lately, or make a playlist.
I haven't been listening to music for a while! :( But I have found myself regularly humming Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (especially Mermaids and Easy Money) whilst trudging to work in the dark.

7. Plan a meet up. You don't actually have to host it, but write about what you'd like to do if you could. Where would you go? How many people? What would you do?
I would like to have a cooking party, actually. Or maybe a DIY party. A fun space for people to swap gothy recipes and ideas. So as many people as possible, at someone's house, I guess.

8. Plan a photo shoot. Who would model (you?) and what would the theme be? The clothes?
Oooo, tough one. I would probably like to do a 'dark goddess' photo shoot. I did a drawing way back when of a number of 'dark' goddesses, such as Izanami, Japanese goddess of death, Hecate, Greek goddess of witchcraft and Keket, Egyptian goddess of chaos. 

9.How do you blog? Write a post on how post on your blog posts come about. What tools do you use, where do you find your visuals, how do you come up with your ideas?
When I'm not blogging about different fashion styles, I tend to blog off what I read. Sometimes another post or an article will set off a light in my head and I'll want to write something.

10. Ask for help with inspiration or problem-solving your in-progress DIY projects.
I think I'm good, actually. But I will, if I need to.

11. How do you store your clothes, jewelry, and accessories? Does it work for you? Are you looking to make a change?
My clothes are in two locations: a built in cupboard in my room and another in the hallway. The one in my room only has rails for hanging things; I keep my dresses and jackets there. The one in the hallways is all shelves, and I put all my other clothes there, plus shoes and bags. Jewellery is also in several places: on my dresser, in two jars, two small drawers and on a black jewellery tree. I also have a little armoire (dark blue, with golden celestial bodies on it) and a jewellery hanger nailed to one of my bookcases. It's kind of all over the place, and I would dearly love, when I get my own place, to dedicate one small room to my clothing and accessories, almost like a walk-in wardrobe.

12. Write about why you blog, and what it has done for you so far.
I love to blog, but for a long time I was never very good at it. Maybe I'm still not. I would blog about random stuff, with long periods between posting. I rarely communicated with others, just kind of hoped that someone would notice my work. Now I just blog for myself, I find I enjoy it a lot more. I don't really care that I don't have a massive blog - if I get lots of readers, so be it. If I don't, so be it. It makes me happy to blog, QED.

13. Feature some other bloggers. What posts are you loving? Who is especially fabulous this week?
My particular favourite goth bloggers, in no particular order, are: Sary Walrus, Lynoire, 1666 X 30 and La Carmina. Favourite goth vloggers would be Allison Eckfeldt, Sebastian Columbine and The Gothic Alice.

14. Confess: what stereotypically Goth things do you not like?
I like the idea of horror games, but not necessarily playing them. If I'm not too tired, I actually like playing Slender, Dark Meadows and Amnesia, but since I'm tired all the time, I've avoided them for a while ^_^; I also reel at the idea of Bloody Marys (tomato, seriously?) 

15. Make some themed Polyvore sets, or sets based on life events. (What would you wear to go on vacation in Maui? What do you want to wear to your wedding? What would you wear to a job interview?)

Have more text instead.

For job interviews, I like to wear a short pencil skirt, collared shirt and a vest. The vest always matches the colour of the skirt (either grey or black). My favourite was wearing a black vest and skirt (with a small bustle/ruffle thing) with a bright red, long-sleeved collared shirt. 

16. Give Babybats some advice you wish you'd had.
Invest some time in learning make up skills. Do more DIY. Get lots of inspiration from the internet. Don't be scared.

17. "This Day in Goth History."
Stuff happened, I guess?

18. Post about the little things in your life that you've "Gothed up."
So many things.

Okay, that's not an answer. Uh, my work lunchbox is covered with sticker skulls. Several bookcases plus my closet door have bat stickers on them. A pair of jeans that started to die have mysterious symbols bleached into them...

19. Make a Goth Bucket List. What Goth-related things do you want to do or see with your life?
I want to go to a whole bunch of events: Bats Day in the Fun Park, Wave Gotik Treffen, Whitby Goth Weekend. I would like to go to a Goth club at least once, go to a Masquerade ball and have a Halloween party. 

Some of these are possible. I will make them happen.

20. Write about the interests that seem to "clash" with being a Goth, and how they do or don't.
Sometimes I actually like to sometimes wear casual fairy kei, aomoji-kei or pop-kei. For those of you who don't know, the first two are based on pastel colours, whilst the last is based on bright colours.

Yeah, that's totally not goth.

In my defence, most of my wardrobe(s) is taken up with black and red. Possibly around 2/3 of my clothing. But some days, after going through tumblr or youtube, or watching anime, I just feel like wearing some crazy mix of colours. Like the other day, a pastel yellow sweater with bright pink jeans and purple sneakers.

I always return to the dark side, but it's nice to have a change every now and then. Keeps one appreciative.

21. What's in your DIY "to-do" pile? Or, what DIY materials have you still not found a purpose for?
I'm planning on putting patches on some distinctly non-Gothy things to make them, at least, punk. One is a long cosy jumper/jacket thing with a tartan hood and a Paddington bear D: patch on one arm. The other is a hoodie from when I was a Model United Nations delegate at uni. 
I also have some black corduroy pants which are wearing thin at the butt, so they're also going to be patched.  And a black velvet dress which needs some black lace at the arm holes.

22. Name the stupidest piece of advice anyone has given to you about being a Goth. Counter it with some good ones.
Hm, I've never really been given any advice.

23. Post about your Goth-related collections. What are some things you want to add to it? Which are your favorites?
I love Gothy jewellery, so lots of chokers, collars, crosses, spikes, ear cuffs, chains, etc. etc. ad infinitum. Whilst not necessarily punk, I would love to get a Vivienne Westwood orb lighter-necklace thing ala Nana. And her armour ring.

My favourite piece in my collection would be my black collar (I wear it the most), an amazing watch which looks like a wrist cuff - you have to lift a metal panel to reveal the clock face, and a black choker that resembles curling briar.

24. List some of your Goth Idols. Who are they and why do they inspire you?
Most of my Goth idols are internet personalities. Allison Eckfeldt aka Kazlovesbats for her fashion style and outlook on life. Hello Batty for her love of Monster High (hahaha). The Gothic Alice for her amazing DIYs and creativity. 

25. Post your everyday make up routine, with product names.
I tend to get all my makeup from Daiso. I just apply some black eyeshadow, use some liquid eyeliner to add a little flick to the outer corners of my eyes, and apply mascara. I tend to eat lipstick, so I hardly wear any. No foundation or other stuff for me :P
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