Friday, 17 October 2014

Commonly confused styles † Gothic lolita vs Kuro lolita

Kuro v Gothic, using the same dress. Source.

Gothic Lolita and Kuro Lolita are easily mixed up, due to the predominance of black in both. The differences are:

  • Kuro 黑 (black) Lolita is always, always black and nothing else. Gothic lolita may wear all sorts of other colours.
  • Gothic Lolita will wear 'spooky' or ... well, 'gothic' accessories. Skulls, crosses, cobwebs, etc. 
  • Gothic Lolita tend to wear heavy eye makeup.
  • Gothic lolita tend to have more details and general 'decadence' about their outfit
  • Gothic lolita tend to keep their hair long, plain and straight
  • There is also a tendency for Kuro Lolis to look cuter and sweeter
Simply put, Kuro Lolita is a typical lolita style, but all in black.

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  1. This makes me kind of want to get a new black dress for Gothic or Kuro, I grew out of my old ones!

  2. It was always my understanding that kuro could be sweet, classic, or gothic - as long as it was all black.

    1. Classic and Gothic I can certainly understand, but sweet? Sweet relies on prints quite heavily, and so something which is all black, not prints, would probably not be able to convey sweet. :/

  3. Kuro... Gothic Lolita in denial? Jk, I kid, I kid. Reminds me of fail days when I try to go for goth but I somehow just look like a normal wearing black clothes


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