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Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Qi Lolita

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Country of Origin
Japan, with Chinese influences

I'd wear this. Source.

Gender Balance
Female identifying


Qi Lolita is another of the rare Lolita styles influenced by the traditional clothing of a particular culture, like Wa Lolita, Han-loli and Wyrd Loli. Qi Loli is influenced by a fairly recent 'traditional' Chinese clothing item, the cheongsam 長衫 or qipao 旗袍

As you can see here, the cheongsam is a fairly recent creation, influenced by the west. Source, although I believe this work belongs to  Nancy Duong.

Qi lolita takes the top half of the cheongsam (either with straight-down Chinese buttons or diagonal) to the waist, but retains the 'cupcake' shape unique to the lolita style. Chinese-style hairpieces replace head-eating bows and bonnets; bun covers and hairpins are common. Chinese parasols and fans are also regularly used.

A more 'fusion style' with use of arm warmers and old school headdress. Source.

Some sources suggest that Qi lolita tends only to be a 'special occasion' or even 'cosplay' style. So despite Qi Lolita's exotic (and generally agreed to be beautiful) appearance, there are few lolitas who wear this style, and fewer retailers. Lolita Poupee has a 2011 blog post on retailers of Qi and Wa lolita fashion, but Qi lolitas are mainly on their own when it comes to putting together outfits.


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