Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The CorpGoth Mid-Month Status Report: The Daily Commute

My blog has been updated in time to catch the CorpGoth Mid-Month Status report!

(Please let me know what you think of the new blog layout.)

So, my commute to work takes about 3/4 hour in the mornings. I have to drive (unfortunately for my little green heart) because there are no bus or train services from where I live to where I work at that time of day.

My car is stocked with an umbrella, a windscreen shade and a box of muesli bars. The muesli bars are helpful during the hour long drive home :) Also helpful is my iPod and the dulcet tones of Nick Cave, or sometimes just the interesting indie music that Triple J has to showcase.

There's nothing particularly special about my commute to work, although one time, heading back, I decided to take a slightly different route home and noticed a party/costume shop. Just before Halloween.

The place was full of great stuff, things that I could actually wear on a daily basis, so when I got to the counter with my things, the cashier was a bit surprised that I didn't want any fake blood or cobwebs. No mate, this is what I wear everyday. I don't need the fake blood, I'm not going to a party.

Has anyone ever had that happen to them before??


  1. Awesome post! I have bought clothes for daily use from a costume shop but the cashier was not a people person nor a good salesman, so they did not recommend any extra products. :D

  2. Only part of my commute is driving and if I take a different route it is usually because the interstate highway is a parking lot. But I do live close to a Route 1 which runs from the North to the South of the East Coast of the US. It can be a bit sketchy so the surprises might not be too like yours :-/

  3. Interesting post. I drive to work too


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