Saturday, 10 January 2015

50 Gothy Blog Prompts † Part 2

And, finally, here's part 2! Part 1 can be found here. Part 3 still to come.

1. Do a "Lately" post of what you've been posting on other websites, like Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter, or Tumblr.
My Twitter tends to be reserved purely for my activist/social justice/raging greenie stuff. Tumblr consists of pretty pictures, cats and Welcome to Nightvale fanart (there's a link under the picture of the white cat at the top of the blog).

2.Dedicate an entire post to your favorite Goth song. Post a link to it, transcribe the lyrics, or talk about why you like it so much.

3. Share plans for Halloween or another holiday. 
I've started preparing for next year's Halloween. It falls on a Saturday night, so there is little excuse for anyone not to attend if I invite them ^;...;^

There will definitely be campy horror movies. Vampire cocktails. Possibly a jack-o-lantern. I'll have everyone dressed up, even if it's just all in black and we'll play Uno with the Monster High set I have. Or maybe I will have a Goth card game by then.

4. Take a stance: what makes someone a Goth? 
Hm. Well, the way they dress is a big one for me. It's not the be all and end all, but it makes them easier to spot. There also has to be some kind of morbid interest, I think. The music is not really that much of an issue for me, although if their playlist consists entirely of Miley Cyrus or something, then I'm unlikely to consider them a goth, no matter how black their lipstick.

5.Write about an article of clothing you've been wearing a lot lately. Post pictures.
Ugh taking pictures

I'll just ramble instead. I have been wearing... my boots, my lovely $20 fake Docs from Target, a lot. They're shiny and great and I have so many people say 'wow, Docs? They look really good!'

The only problem is they are slightly too large, and the size below was slightly too small, so I compensate with chunky insoles.

6. Review an old DIY you did. Is it still holding out? What, if anything, would you change if you were to do it again?

Well, I made a skirt out of ties, and I still have it. It looks great... except for the fact that it's rainbow coloured.

I think I was on some 60s hippy kick at the time because I wanted RAINBOWS! SPARKLES!, which I now have. The skirt is made of about 12? ties each one a different colour.

If I did that again, I would make the skirt out of black ties.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Bat Fit Goals for 2015

Alright, let's make it short and sweet :)

1. I would like to have a nice 'beach' body, although I never go to the beach...

2. Be able to run/jog 5km.

3. Keep my weight around 55kg.

Done. Now to stick to it...

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Round up and 2015 Plans

Hey kittens! It's been a while since I posted so please take my apologies. Things were very busy for a while and I've been recovering. Although I think my recovery has gone on long enough, so time to blog again!

I'm going to start with a little review of the blog this year. 2014 was an interesting year. I finally got into my stride as a blogger (after what, 9 years?) with the Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion.

My most viewed post this year was, interestingly, my Encyclopaedia entry on Human Dolls. My favourite post to write, however, was this one on Qi Lolita.

So pretty...

This year, I also decided to merge the two blogs I had. The first, Writings for the World, had been around for YEARS and not very well maintained. It contain media releases from organisations I've worked for, articles I've written and all manner of environment/human rights/social justice/etc. stuff.

The second, Where Foxes Say Goodnight, was much younger but better maintained. I finally decided to merge the two to try and keep everything in one space, reducing my workload. However, it may have led to some confusion: I changed my blogging name from Libby Fox to my real name 'Fran' plus 'Cat' to match with the 'new' blog title, NekoRoji. I say 'new' because NekoRoji was the original name of my first blog.

In my personal life, I've begun working towards a more minimalist approach to life. For a long time I really loved the cluttered 'I live in a shop' look which is so commonly aspired to. I love watching people's room tour videos and things on youtube, but it occurred to me that I don't have much space, and also a lot of things which I really didn't need. Combine that with my intention to move out of home next year, I wanted to off-load a lot of my belongings.

I like this room tour, for example.

I did that with some help from friends who wanted some of my stuff, plus I sold some items and donated tonnes (I still have some more things to haul over to the second-hand store). Watching PinkSoFoxy and Love Raw Vegan also helped a lot. They were very inspiring and I feel a lot lighter now, although I still have some way to go.

My soundtrack this year has been lots of Nick Cave, a bit of Andrew Huang and Triple J radio every morning to work.

So what does 2015 have in store? Well, I am definitely keen on getting back into writing about alternative subcultures. I have a few lined up already which need a little tweaking before they're ready to see the world.

I also want to (again, I'm so very sorry) modify this blog. I can never be fully satisfied with it for some reason, and I don't like how it looks right now. Argh. (Edit: Of course, as soon as I finished this post, I fiddled about with the look of the blog again. I'm actually really happy now :D Let's see how long this lasts).

Personally, I would like to get fitter and more satisfied with my life. Whilst I am quite comfortable with how I am now (I like my weight, I have a job, a wonderful partner and good results in my Masters degree, to name a few things), I follow Bruce Lee's advice:


So I'm taking up aikido this month (something I've wanted to do for a while). I may join in with The Professor's Bat Fit 2015, and I'll probably do another post on my specific goals later.

I'm also buckling down to learn a new skill every three months. For this three months, it's riding a skateboard  ^_^;
It's so pretty, right?

After the three month is over, no matter how good or bad I am at that thing I was learning, I'll move on to the next thing. I figure if I like something, I'll keep going with it, but I won't jeopardise my next skill.

I'll also keep going with divesting myself of belongings. I'm going to use up things that can be used up that I don't need to replace (like all those moisturisers that people keep giving me =_=). If I do get anything, I want to try and get environmentally friendly, ethical, non-animal cruelty stuff.

Finally, thank you to my lovely followers (I think I have about 40 - it's hard to tell with the overlap between Friend Connect and Google+) especially for putting up with all the changes I've made to this blog >_<;

So that's a quick look at last year and the new year. What does everyone else have planned? Anyone else looking to join Bat Fit?
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