Monday, 27 April 2015

50 Gothy Blog Prompts † Part 3

7.If you're feeling creative, write some haikus (5-7-5 optional) about Goth things and share them. Bonus points for funny ones.

Technically haiku is not 5-7-5 syllables, it's either 5 mora モーラ or haku  in the first phrase and 12 in the second, or 12 in the first and 5 in the second.

It just happens that to translate the spirit of how a haiku is read, haiku are often placed in this 5-7-5 structure in translation... and then it somehow became a rule for English-language haiku.

Also I'm all creatived out right now -_-

8. Post some pictures of you (or your room, or your hobbies, etc.) at your least-Gothy. 

Oh alright, have a picture of my feet that I found on my phone.

9.Make a list of some things that, while they aren't Goth, you associate with the Goth subculture.
Evanescence? *is shot*
Let's see... tea and archaic martial arts, because the gothy friends I have IRL are into both of those things. And so am I :)

10.Write a review of a particularly good book you've read recently, album you've bought, or movie you've seen. Or tear apart a bad one. 
I've honestly been obsessing over Steven Universe recently. Although it's nothing gothic, it is an amazing little show. I mean, seriously, the main character is a fat kid and nobody discriminates against him because of it. He's being raised by a really cool dad (women are people too!) and three 'mums', one of whom is actually two fused aliens in a lesbian relationship. And his mum is represented as so very pretty, even though she was enormous (body image!)

I think this is a great, well balanced series (by a woman, no less) that deals beautifully with interesting issues without being incredibly weird (I'm looking at you, Utena). Also, young Greg Universe's hair is the best.

11. Take fashion inspiration from something you love (it can be as big as a historical period or small as a photograph you found on deviantArt.) Post about it. Include pictures and links.
So recently I was watching Deerstalker Pictures' coverage of the first Ouji (prince-style lolita, I'll make an Encyclopaedia post about it one day, I promise!) Convention in the US and the camera passes over a particular lolita girl at 2:47. She instantly made me want horns like hers. Dammit.

On the right with the blonde hair. She just looks so pretty -_-

12. Talk about a political issue, make a case for why Goths should care.
Oooo close toss up between the environment and LGBT+ rights. I'm kinda biased though because I'm invested in both, so...

Well, the first is because we all live on this damn planet and sooner or later all the crap we keep doing will come and bite us in the arse.

The second because LGBT+ people are marginalised and face horrible things (and so have many goths. And some goths are LGBT+) so they need some support.

13. What are some of the things you consider essential for Goths to own?
Black eyeliner. Fishnet something. Something cat related. Boots.

14.Post some recent reader mail or comments that have made you smile, and say thank you.
Most of the comments are discussion on points I've raised in my posts rather than praise. And I'm happy to keep it that way.

15. List some blog topics you'd like other bloggers to post about. What issues do you want their opinions on?
Hmmmmm. I'd be really interested to hear more about minimalist or vegetarian/vegan/climatarian lifestyles whilst being alternative. I also love DIY stuff, so bring it on!

16. Talk about what kind of Goth-related Business you'd own if you could. Fashion, music, wedding planning? What would you do?

Uh... well I've never thought of it, to be honest. Probably own a music/merch store or something. Like Landspeed Records

17. Post a haul of things you've bought lately, or if you've made a haul lately show the items in action. 
No more hauling, kittens! I'm happy with what I have and I barely go shopping :3

18. Write a bunch of funny responses to common Goth cat-calls. 
I think Adult Wednesday Addams did a great job of this already. But here goes -
(Note that I have never had a specifically 'gothic' cat call)

Fuckboy (it's almost always a male, right?): "You're hot for a dead girl"
Goth: "You're noisy for a dead boy" *pulls out knife* (I do actually have a knife. It's for work. Honestly)

Fuckboy: "Hey, Lydia/Wednesday/Morticia"
Goth: *stares back in a creepily aggressive way*

Okay I can't think of any others. Like I said, I don't get 'gothic' cat calls. It's usually just stuff like 'Hey beautiful' or 'Wow, you're so sexy' and things like that, which I just ignore and they shut up. Luckily I have one of those DON'T TOUCH ME OR I WILL SHANK YOU auras so I've never been in any really bad situations.

19. Confess: What trends in Goth do you not like?
Anything that appropriates the culture or religion of people who are discriminated against. Some goths are really into bindis and bindi-like makeup, for example, which really makes me uncomfortable. These cultures are happy to share certain things (such as henna tattooing and hair dying, for example), but don't randomly use their spiritual symbols as a fashion statement if you don't understand them.

20. List several silly Goth-related pet names, bonus if they're the actual names of your pets. 
Well, I have three pets and non of them have particularly gothy names. My cat, Jordan, was named by his breeder. My two quails are Gwaihir (the eagle-lord from LOTR) and Isabeau (the female protagonist from LadyHawke).

I guess if I gave my pets gothy names, they'd be named after gods and goddesses. Things like Bast, Keket, Hekate, Dis, Loki, etc.

For silly ones: Spooky Muffin, Lord Pussums, the Unspeakable One

21. Write an open letter to someone, or groups of someones. It can be funny or serious, sweet or scathing.

22.What traits in other Goths do you admire?
Their fashion sense. Also how badass they come across as.

23. Do you remember the first Goth song or band that you listened to? Did you like it?
The first Goth song I listened to was, stereotypically, Bahaus' "Bela Legosi's Dead". And I didn't like it. I still don't like it. I was horrified that I didn't like it. How could I be a goth?

Then I met my boyfriend and he introduced me to Nick Cave and it was all okay :)

24. Post items of historical clothing or jewelry that you wish you owned.
Um. I can't think of anything?

25. Describe a Goth-related website or blog that you wish existed. What is it, what features would it have. Is there anything out there that is close, and if so why isn't it right?
How to be an environmental goth. Okay, I should totally make this a thing. If I had the time, ugh.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion † Hippie Goth

What's this? An actual post? An Encyclopaedia entry too?

Yes, in honour of Earth Day (which was yesterday...) I present Hippie Goth.

(Also, did anyone do the Google Earth Day quiz? I'm a pangolin, apparently)


The full Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion can be found here.

Also known as
Gothic hippie, hippy goth

Defining colours
Black + natural colours (e.g. green, brown, grey)


Hippie goth is a mix of the modern-day hippie (not the 60s hippie with flares) and gothic styles. Hippie goths are big environmentalists, often vegetarian or vegan, and many follow a low-consumption lifestyle. Often they are also Pagan or Wiccan, or follow another nature based religion, or are into green witchcraft. Many have an interest in astrology, tarot reading and other forms of fortune telling.
Style of dress tends towards long and flowing apparel with natural elements thrown in, such as jewellery made from cord, bone, feathers or wood. Tie-dye in jewel tones is also seen. Long hair is popular with all genders, especially in dreadlocks, as are piercings. Hair tends towards natural colours.

Celtic motifs and those associated with the new age movement - pentacles, crystals and Celtic knots - are often featured in their clothing. 

Further reading and resources

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