Neko Roji † Cat Alley

Loves cats, music and rain.

Speaks and reads a little Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
Favourite colour is apple/grass green.
I want to travel everywhere!

I'm half-Chinese (大家好!) and I've studied some Japanese (今日は!) , so this blog is also peppered with Chinese and Japanese words and characters. Thanks for visiting!  谢谢你!
o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o

If you wish to contact me regarding alternative fashion, subcultures, the Encyclopaedia, etc.:

This blog
This blog covers a wide range of alternative fashion (life)styles. It contains an Encyclopaedia of Alternative Fashion, a collection of alternative fashion challenges from around the net and my own personal musings.

This is also a place for cats.

* Europe 2006 (Sydney - Singapore - Amsterdam - Athens - Sorrento - Rome - Amsterdam - Hong Kong - Sydney)
Europe 2009 (Sydney - Narita - London - Brussels - Paris - Narita - Sydney)
China 2010 (Sydney - Hong Kong - Beijing - Hong Kong - Sydney)
Rio 2012 (Sydney - Santiago - Rio de Janeiro- Lima - Cusco - Lima - Santiago - Sydney)
China 2013 (Sydney - Hong Kong -  Beijing - Hong Kong - Sydney)


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